Traveling to Jordan from Colombia: what you need to know

As we did with tourists from Argentina, Mexico, and Chile, we intend to explain how to travel to Jordan from Colombia, providing practical and useful information for the nationals of this country. Take note of the flights and bureaucratic procedures you should keep in mind, if that is your case.

Flights to Jordan from Colombia

There are no direct flights to travel to Jordan from Colombia (as of April 2023, at the time of writing this article). The distance between both countries and their limited commercial and political ties mean that, beyond tourism, there is little traffic of travelers on this route. Therefore, the available options involve one or more layovers.

Many airlines may come into play in this equation. Among those operating in Colombia are Iberia, Air Europa, Lufthansa, Avianca, LATAM, or Delta. And for flights after the layover, the options multiply: Saudia, Ryanair, Wizz Air… and virtually any other that operates in Europe.

Flights from Colombia to Jordan with one layover

Flights with one layover are the “shortest” between both countries, usually involving a total journey of between 19 and 24 hours. The two major departure airports are Bogotá and Medellín, with the possibility of taking the following routes:

  • Bogotá – Frankfurt – Amman
  • Bogotá – New York (JFK) – Amman
  • Bogotá – Madrid – Amman
  • Medellín – Madrid – Amman

Flights from Colombia to Jordan with two layovers:

To travel to Jordan from Colombia, flights with two layovers are longer solutions, sometimes lasting more than 30 hours. Paradoxically, however, they are usually more economical than flights with one layover. Here are some possible combinations:

  • Bogotá – Madrid – Venice – Amman
  • Bogotá – Amsterdam – Venice – Amman
  • Medellín – Madrid – Cairo – Amman
  • Medellín – Madrid – Istanbul – Amman
Viaje a Jordania desde Colombia
Camels rest on the sand in the desert Wadi Rum, Jordan. Sandstone rocks lndscape

Do I need a visa to travel to Jordan from Colombia?

The answer is both yes and no. To travel to Jordan from Colombia, nationals of this country need to obtain (or rather ‘purchase’) a visa. We recommend consulting the current requirements with the consulate if you are planning to travel independently before arriving in Jordan.

Put yourself in the hands of a trusted and expert agency

An important recommendation we can make is to put yourself in the hands of a trusted and expert agency in Jordan, knowledgeable in the language, the work of service providers, and in short, the idiosyncrasies of the country.

This is the case with Jordania Exclusiva, which not only designs a tailored program but also advises you with any questions and provides the necessary professionals to solve every detail before and during the trip.

For example, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport terminal and will help you with visa procedures, something especially useful if you do not master the local language, Arabic.

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