Dead Sea Spas and Beaches: Where to Find Them and What to Do

The spas and beaches of the Dead Sea make it one of the world’s top destinations for thermal and spa tourism. On this page, we provide you with useful information if you’re planning to visit for this purpose, including details on natural beaches and purpose-built spas and resorts.

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Where to Find Dead Sea Spas and Beaches

Both spas and beaches of the Dead Sea are located in the northern sector. The closest town is Swemeh, which thrives on the thermal tourism developed in the area.

However, as travelers move south along the Dead Sea Highway, they will notice that resorts and buildings become more spaced apart. Additionally, the shoreline offers fewer suitable swimming spots, resulting in fewer tourists. Nevertheless, the central and southern sectors of the Dead Sea also boast beautiful and striking features, such as salt rock formations along the shoreline.

In all cases, a common geographical fact about the Dead Sea is its extraordinary low altitude, measuring below -400 meters below sea level. This not only makes it unique but also has positive health implications, as we will explain below.

spa y tratamiento mar muerto Spas and beaches

Dead Sea Resorts and Spas

It’s important to note the main difference between a resort and a spa: the former relies on natural thermal waters from its location, while the latter offers wellness treatments and aquatic experiences, not necessarily with thermal waters.

That being said, at the Dead Sea, this distinction is not commonly applied: all establishments are categorized as spas, whether they use water from the sea or not. Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing the characteristics that make the water and environment of the Dead Sea so special.

  • Extremely salty water that allows bathers to effortlessly float, contributing to relaxation
  • Water and mud rich in certain minerals with various health benefits:
    • Calcium and magnesium, used for respiratory diseases
    • Iodine, beneficial for glandular conditions
    • Bitumen, used for skin aesthetic treatments
  • Low concentration of UV rays in the atmosphere due to the high atmospheric pressure from the negative altitude
  • High levels of oxygen for health benefits, also due to the negative altitude

All of this forms the basis of the services offered at Dead Sea spas, where soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene products based on these minerals and benefits are also sold.

To experience the mud and waters of the Dead Sea, treatments can be done within the spa facilities or at the beaches following specific guidelines. Resorts have their own private beaches, accessible only to their guests or, in some cases, to external bathers with the payment of an entry fee.

In addition to their important thermal function, Dead Sea resorts offer other services to their customers, providing a complete wellness experience, which may include:

  • Massage sessions
  • Saunas
  • Indoor and outdoor pools with normal and saltwater
  • Sun terraces and solariums
  • Restaurants
  • Gardens
  • And more.

Dead Sea Beaches

As mentioned earlier, it’s common for the beaches of the Dead Sea to be private, located within the premises of a resort. However, there are some exceptions where public bathing is allowed, but with an entry fee requirement to control capacity and preserve this fragile ecosystem.

The most famous one is probably Amman Beach, which is also heavily used by locals. Therefore, it’s recommended to follow guidelines for behavior and modesty, although not to the extent of many locals who swim fully dressed. This beach is managed by a public entity called Amman Beach Tourism Resort. The premises also include gardens, sports courts, a restaurant, beverage kiosks, showers, and umbrellas.

spa y resort mar muerto Spas and beaches

Choosing a Resort at the Dead Sea

There are many resorts and spas at the Dead Sea, making the decision quite challenging. The overall quality level of these resorts is very high, often considered premium. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy a stay with excellent service, we recommend contacting Jordan Exclusive, as we have agreements with various facilities to provide an unforgettable experience.

The season will be an important factor in your final choice. As mentioned earlier, during the warmer months (from May to October), the crowds tend to be lower due to the deterrent effect of the weather. In the colder months, from December to February, the influx of visitors is also relatively low as temperatures are too cool for many travelers. On the other hand, months such as March, April, or November are ideal for enjoying the spas and beaches of the Dead Sea, considered high season, so you should plan ahead and make reservations accordingly.

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