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Book your adventure with Jordania Exclusiva, an agency specialized in Jordan. Dreaming of a trip to Jordan that is absolutely memorable? At Jordania Exclusiva, we are not only experts in discovering the treasures of this fascinating country, but we also deeply understand your wishes and expectations. We know every hidden treasure, every unique experience Jordan has to offer. While you’ll find numerous options in our ‘circuits’ section, our real speciality is creating tailor-made experiences just for you.

Are you interested in exploring a lesser-known archaeological site, tasting authentic local cuisine, or immersing yourself in an age-old tradition? Tell us what you imagine and we will make it a reality. We’re more than trip planners; We are creators of unforgettable experiences. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help.

Fill out our form so we can capture your vision and design that unforgettable trip. And if you need more information about the booking process, visit our ‘How to book’ section, where we explain the whole procedure in a clear and simple way. At Jordania Exclusiva, we make your dreams travel beyond the horizon. We’re here for you!

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At Jordania Exclusiva, we pride ourselves on being your gateway to a memorable experience in the enchanting kingdom of Jordan. As a specialized and registered brand of Mandala Tours, we have a local team of specialized advisors in Jordan, committed to offering high-quality private tours. Our passion and deep knowledge about this destination allows us to provide you with a unique and personalized travel experience.

By exploring our Jordan travel catalogue on our website, you will find examples of the trips we have carefully designed for our clients. Each of these itineraries can be fully customized to suit your preferences and desires, ensuring that your trip is as unique as you are. From vibrant Amman to the mystical ruins of Petra, every detail of your adventure is curated with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

In addition, thanks to Mandala Tours’ global presence, with offices and teams in several countries, we extend this level of quality and customization to other fascinating destinations.

Contact us today! For any queries or to make an appointment, please call our customer service number: +34 858 88 28 32.

We invite you to visit our website to explore more about what makes us unique. At Jordania Exclusiva, your dream trip starts with one click. If you prefer a more personalized treatment, schedule a telephone appointment or face-to-face visit at our office in the center of Granada, Calle Neptuno 2, 1ºB, Office 3, but remember that it is by appointment only. This is an excellent opportunity to receive personalized advice and immerse yourself in the exciting process of planning your trip.

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To guarantee you personalized and dedicated attention, in our Granada office we attend exclusively by appointment. We are committed to offering you a tailor-made service, adjusting to your needs and preferences in each consultation or planned meeting. We invite you to schedule your appointment in advance, so that our team of professionals can prepare everything you need for your visit and ensure an optimal experience. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our facilities to assist you in everything you need.

To schedule your appointment, please contact us through the number provided or through our website or social media.



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