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The culture of Jordan It consists of many different aspects and, as a whole, they are a tourist attraction for many visitors eager to discover other ways of life. And although that culture shares elements with its Arab neighbors, there are others that are their own and differentiators. In this section we group the most important, those that you should know in advance to deepen your trip: the predominant religion, history, the Hashemite Royal Family, crafts, language, Jordanian gastronomy … and much more.

General Data of the country

On this page you can find out the most representative data of Jordan as a whole: population, form of state, year of independence and creation as a country, etc. Here you will have them at your fingertips in a summarized way to discover them at a glance, and in other pages of this website you can know them in depth.

History of Jordan

The history of the country is very old and has determined, to a large extent, many aspects of Jordan’s culture. Knowing it will help you understand numerous details of local architecture, gastronomy or crafts, among others, so you should not overlook this reading.

Form of government and Royal Family

What is the lineage of the current Jordanian Royal Family? Who currently holds the position of Head of State? What image do you have within the citizenry? These are some of the questions we answer on this page, fundamental to understanding the functioning of your system of government, which we also explain here.

Gastronomy of Jordan

One of the most important aspects of Jordan’s culture is its gastronomy. And also one of those that will be more present in your day to day, especially if you like to discover other cuisines and other flavors. Here we explain their typical dishes and drinks, as well as their main influences.

Nature of Jordan

Ecotourism has become one of the great claims of Jordan thanks to truly surprising and unique landscapes, with the desert as a sign of identity but with many other spaces of equal beauty. On this page you will know what they are and why they are so special from a natural point of view.

Jordan Society

During your trip through the country you will come into contact, to a greater or lesser extent, with the local population. Therefore, it will be good for you to know the keys of this society: its character, its geographical distribution areas and other issues that are probably very different from those of your country of origin.

Language of Jordan

Arabic is not only the official language, but also one of the hallmarks of Jordanian culture. On this page, we also tell you what dialectal variety is spoken colloquially and to what extent other international languages, such as English or French, can be used.

Economy of Jordan

What is the strategic sector in Jordan’s economy? What products do you export to other countries? These are some questions that we solve on this page, where we give you other interesting data at the ‘macro’ level, such as GDP per capita, which will help you get an idea of the standard of living of its inhabitants.

Handicrafts in Jordanian culture

As in many other Arab countries, handicrafts represent an exceptional example of Jordanian culture. Even today there are many humble professionals who preserve traditional techniques and styles, and survive thanks to tourism to a large extent. Here we explain which disciplines are the most prestigious and where you can buy quality handcrafted objects.

Religion of Jordan: Islam

The Muslim religion is probably the most influential and defining element of Jordanian culture, and here we explain it in depth. In addition, we give you access to information about two other very important religions in the country because they have here some of their holy places: Christianity and Judaism.



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