Tours in Israel and Jordan, a combination to explore the Holy Land... and much more.

Jordan offers a variety of tourist destinations that can often be discovered in about a week, as you can see in our catalog of tours. But if you can add a few more days to your trip, you’ll definitely want to explore its neighboring country, Israel. On this page, we give you access to our tours in Israel and Jordan, an unbeatable option to discover the Holy Land… and much more.

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Jordan and Israel, two very different neighbors that understand each other

Jordan and Israel are two neighboring countries that have managed to overcome their differences and coexist under the premise of understanding. As we explain on our page about Judaism, Israel’s relationship with Jordan in the past has been, at the very least, tense, as has been the case with the rest of the Arab countries in the region due to their support for the creation of the state of Palestine.

However, for the good of both states, they have managed to reach points of understanding, which has benefited international tourism. Proof of this was the peace agreements of 1994, which made numerous projects possible in both territories. For example, greater promotion of Bethany Beyond the Jordan, in the Jordan Valley, declared a World Heritage Site in 2015, or the concession to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of the custodianship of the sacred sites for Islam in the Old City of Jerusalem, especially the Dome of the Rock.

For all these reasons, combined tours of Israel and Jordan are a reality today, and many tourists hire packages of this type to discover the most representative places of both countries in the same trip. It is undoubtedly the best way to make the most of your time, as it often involves a long-distance trip that is not always easy to repeat in the future.

Air connections for these combined tours

One of the advantages that make combined tours of Israel and Jordan possible are the good international connections of both countries with the rest of the world. As you already know, Queen Alia International Airport in Amman is the main gateway to Jordan, with flights from important foreign cities and passenger traffic of around 10 million. In addition, Aqaba King Hussein International Airport can be a viable alternative for charter and seasonal flights.

And as far as Israel is concerned, there are also several options to choose from. The most important is Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, which handles around 25 million passengers per year. But you can also consider the option of Ovda Eliat, in the Red Sea.

The existence of these international airports in both countries facilitates a fundamental detail: the tour can have a different starting point and end point. For example, starting in Amman and ending in Tel Aviv, and vice versa, which can have advantages in terms of route configuration. In any case, circular tours are also very common, which tend to be advantageous for air tickets, as they are generally cheaper when the outbound and inbound flights refer to the same airport.

Direct connections between Jordan and Israel

For security reasons, there are not many border crossings between Jordan and Israel, and they are heavily monitored by law enforcement in both countries. This has a consequence: sometimes the waiting times at the border are longer than desired, so all travelers should be prepared to be patient.

However, these border crossings operate with great normality, except in very exceptional situations. These land border crossings are:

  • Wadi Araba (Yitzhak Rabin): the southernmost crossing, connecting the cities of Aqaba and Eliat
  • Sheik Hussein Bridge (Jordan River), the northernmost crossing, to connect Irbid and the Northern District of Israel
  • King Hussein Bridge (Allenby Bridge), to connect the cities of Amman and Jericho in the West Bank

Of these three border crossings, it is the latter, known as the Allenby Bridge, that is most commonly used for tourist purposes on circuits through Israel and Jordan, due to its proximity to Amman.

What to see in Israel

There is no doubt that Israel is a country with special appeal, especially for travelers interested in religion: on its territory are located much of what is known as the Holy Land or Promised Land, with the most sacred places for the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

For Judaism, because it largely encompasses what were once the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, extensively described in the Torah, with special mention to Jerusalem, where the temples of Solomon were located and later destroyed. For Christianity, because much of Jesus Christ’s life took place here, from his birth in Bethlehem to his death in Jerusalem. And for Islam, because it was from the Dome of the Rock that the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

If we add to this that Jordan also has other places of extraordinary religious interest (Mount Nebo from which Moses saw the Promised Land, the exact point on the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, etc.), the result will be a circuit through Israel and Jordan with religion as the main protagonist.

However, it is also possible to enjoy places without religious significance but equally beautiful and interesting for tourists in general. For example, the paradise beaches of Tel Aviv, the bathing areas and spas of the Dead Sea, the archaeological sites from Roman times… and a long list of destinations that we detail for you in each of our circuits through Israel and Jordan.

In short: if you are not satisfied with discovering only the attractions of one country, choose one of the combined circuits that our agency can organize for you. With the confidence and professionalism of those who know the region and its particular idiosyncrasies inside and out.

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