Petra at night

Petra by night: this is this unforgettable experience

Can you imagine walking through Petra at night, when the crowd of large tourist groups disappears and the atmosphere is filled with a magical light? That’s what you can do with the night pass known as Petra by Night. And that’s what our agency can book for you if you organize your travel package with us. On this page we give you more details about this fascinating spectacle, which gives a beautiful twist to this beautiful destination, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

What is Petra by Night

Petra by Night It is a night show that takes place in this famous destination some days of the week. It is a relatively recent initiative that is inspired by others that also give artistic lighting to especially significant monuments, such as the Pyramids of Egypt.

As usual on these occasions, in Petra by Night a show of music and colored lights is projected on the most emblematic corner of the enclosure: the façade of the Treasury. In this way, this famous Nabataean construction is dyed with violet, blue, green, yellow tones… And attendees can listen to traditional Arabic music, thus creating an immersive and original atmosphere.

In addition, in the rest of the corners there is a subtle and dim lighting, based on millions of points of light, as if the rocky environment of this ancient Nabataean city were reflecting the light of the stars, which shine with special intensity in the sky.

One of the great attractions of visiting Petra at night is that the atmosphere changes radically with respect to the day: in the atmosphere you can breathe a greater tranquility and serenity, regardless of the show projected on the Treasury.

However, you should bear in mind that at night, the only way to tour the Siq and get to the Treasury is on foot, because at that time there is no
golf car
service. This means that the activity is not entirely advisable for people with reduced mobility or with a delicate physical shape, since the distance to travel on foot can be around 4 kilometers, adding the round trip.

Where and how to book a Petra overnight pass

The experience of knowing Petra at night is limited to a specific section: the one that goes from the entrance of the enclosure to the Treasury, for which it is necessary to visit the Siq or main canyon, also illuminated for the occasion.

You should also know that Petra by Night It does not take place every day, but only in several passes a week. This makes it essential to choose the precise day on which the activity will take place, as well as the prior reservation in advance (if enabled). This show usually takes place between 20.30 and 22.30 hours approximately.

Therefore, if you are convinced that you want to visit Petra at night, you should carefully organize the program to fit this experience properly, since that will also force you to spend the night in Wadi Musa or its surroundings.

What's included in the show and more details

The entrance to Petra by Night it is different from the Venue Day Pass (which is included in packages such as the Jordan Pass). This night pass actually only gives you the right to enter and move around the grounds (from the Visitor Center to the Treasury), not including mobility solutions, drinks or other services.

In any case, despite the simplicity of your entry, it is recommended to book in advance the Petra night pass (if this option is enabled), as well as the services that the traveler may need, such as a private transfer from Wadi Musa or from another place.

If you want to know more details about prices and booking method of Petra by Night, do not hesitate to contact Jordania Exclusiva: our agency is used to including this experience in the travel packages of our clients.



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