Spiritual journeys to Jordan, to connect with your own soul

Jordan is magical, mystical, bewitching. Therefore, there are many travelers who come here to reflect, ask questions and find answers about their lives. In this country, in its natural landscapes and historical monuments, it is possible to find the meaning of things and (almost) stop the passage of time. And so you will discover it in our spiritual journeys in Jordan, which will take you to fascinating corners where, in addition, you can perform a wide variety of personal and group exercises. We’ll put it at hand!

This is our spiritual journeys to Jordan

A journey to find your inner greatness

Jordan is eternal. It is possible to realize this by touring its extraordinary prehistoric archaeological sites. In its Nabataean constructions carved into the rock several thousand years ago. Or in the Roman remains of its territory. Or in the marks left by the unfathomable geological time, such as the tectonic depression that forms the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

And that eternity will help you find your own, the one that lies within you. This is what the magical sessions of our spiritual journeys in Jordan, which take place in corners of incomparable natural beauty. Here are some ideas or examples that will inspire you, and that will take you to another spiritual dimension:

  • The dunes of the Wadi Rum desert, with their rock formations in the form of bridges or mountains, which reflect a magical range of colors at different times of the day
  • Natural hills with intoxicating views of the King’s Road, the Jordan Valley or the Ajloun reserve. They hosted medieval castles and today they can be the pillar of your inner fortress
  • Historical monuments that transmit energy, such as the tombs or temples of Petra, especially if observed from some strategically elevated viewpoints
  • Open spaces and away from civilization, in the middle of the desert and in Bedouin camps, where the night is covered with a starry sky before which it is inevitable to get excited

A journey to connect with God

If we talk about spirituality, religious sentiment, which is deeply rooted in Jordan, deserves special mention. Although it is an Islamic country, there are many sacred places for Christians, and even for Jews. They are sites, temples or natural spaces loaded with meaning for their believers or for those who are looking for answers in a certain religion. In some cases, because they are mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, and in others because of the importance they acquired after biblical times.

This is because Jordan is part of the Holy Land of the Christians, the Promised Land of the Jews

and, ultimately, a land through which Muhammad and his first Islamic followers passed on their way to Jerusalem.

At Jordan Exclusive we have special consideration for religious travel, so you can contact us if you want to focus your circuit on it. That way, you can visit places with as much significance as:

  • The Place of Jesus’ Baptism, on the Jordan River
  • Mount Nebo, where the prophet Moses spotted the Promised Land
  • The churches and mosaics of Madaba, fundamental in Byzantine times

And if you take a look at our combined trips with Israel, you will discover that their programs are very focused on the places of greatest significance for the three great religions: the region of Galilee linked to the youth of Christ, the sacred spaces around Haifa… and of course, eternal Jerusalem.

In short: whatever direction you want to give your soul, we have a spiritual journey through Jordan for you, either with a religious or meditative character. But the important thing is that you will enjoy the most during your trip and you will return home after experiencing the inner renewal you were looking for.

The experience of our clients is our best guarantee.

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