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Camel rides in Wadi Rum: an experience to feel like a Bedouin

Camel rides in Wadi Rum: an experience to feel like a Bedouin If you want to travel to the desert of Jordan not only to admire its natural beauty but also to feel like a real Bedouin, then there is a perfect activity for you: a camel ride through Wadi Rum. On this page, we will tell you what this unique experience consists of, which is also a very sustainable way to discover this natural reserve protected by UNESCO.

What are camel rides in Wadi Rum like?

Camel rides in Wadi Rum are actually rides on dromedaries, the animal traditionally used by Bedouin nomads in the desert, although most of them have now switched to more comfortable and modern 4×4 jeeps. In any case, riding on the back of this animal is the most sustainable and ecological way to explore this natural space, and in some cases the most suitable, as it allows the traveler to reach corners where the 4×4 cannot always access.

The duration of a camel ride in Wadi Rum depends on the route to be taken. In some cases, the ride may only last an hour and simply cover the surroundings of the Bedouin camp where the traveler is staying. But in other cases, the ride is designed as an appropriate tool to explore the most representative places of the park, covering a full day (up to 8 hours or more, in some cases).

In this way, the ride on these camels will not only be an experience in itself, but also a means to discover the secrets of this famous desert: its petroglyphs engraved by the ancient Nabateans, the ‘oases’ of vegetation that arise in its cooler areas, the iconic places related to T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), etc.

The speed that a dromedary can reach is, logically, lower than that of a 4×4 vehicle. Therefore, it has a handicap: the traveler will not have as much time to stop and take pictures of the places he or she is passing through. However, the pace of the ride will allow him or her to enjoy it while advancing and to immerse himself or herself in the skin of the nomads who have traveled these places for centuries and millennia on their caravan routes.

Where are these rides conducted?

Camel rides in Wadi Rum depart from the heart of this natural reserve, usually from one of the Bedouin camps located inside, especially the village of Wadi Rum.

The places that are part of the route depend on its duration. Some of the most prominent ones are Ain Abu Aineh (Lawrence Spring), the Red Sand Dune, some of its rock bridges, or the Khazali Canyon. If the schedule allows it, the route can also lead to elevated places of special interest to contemplate the sunset.

What does this activity include and more details?

Camel rides in Wadi Rum may include different services, depending on the type of reservation. Generally, all of them include a bottle of water to refresh yourself during the ride, but if you are looking for a more complete and Bedouin experience, you can hire a lunch or dinner in the nomad style, to taste outdoors and in the middle of the desert.

In addition, this activity can be associated with others that are also carried out in this natural reserve, such as star observation, overnight stays in the middle of the desert, or spirituality sessions.

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