Activities in Jordan

Activities in Jordan: This is our catalog of experiences.

In this country you will not only have a lot to see, but also a lot to do: thanks to the proposals in our catalogue of activities, Jordan Exclusive allows you to enrich your trip with a wide range of experiences to do in the most iconic destinations: Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Madaba… In this section we bring them all together so that you can easily consult them and decide if you want to add them to your tour package.

These are our activities in Jordan.

Jordan’s activities Exclusive, they cover diverse geographical areas and appeal to very different emotions. As shown below, we can take you to the depths of the desert, to the depths of the Red Sea or to the kitchens of the local kitchens. And there you will feel the pleasure of rest, the peace of silence, the wonder of nature or the adrenaline of adventure. Take note and put the icing on the cake of your trip with one of these activities and experiences in Jordan.

Golf car in Petra.

This activity will make your travels in Petra easier during the day, as it’s important to keep in mind that the distances can be long or very long, and not all travelers are prepared for walks of several kilometers, especially when the temperatures are high. Therefore, renting a golf car is an ideal mobility solution, especially for older people.

Hot air balloon ride in Wadi Rum

Contemplating the Wadi Rum desert from the heights is a surprising and exciting experience, and that is why it is one of the best activities in Jordan. for the more adventurous travelers However, it is carried out with the maximum safety measures and when weather conditions allow it. Here we tell you about its route and how it unfolds.

Observation of the stars in Wadi Rum.

Wadi Rum desert is simply one of the best places in the northern hemisphere to stargaze, thanks to the lack of pollution (both atmospheric and light) and clear skies. That is why, in our catalogue of activities in Jordan could not miss a day of Star Gazing in this desert. Here we tell you what this guided experience includes, where you will discover that the sky can reach an unimaginable luminosity.

Boat trip in Aqaba

Would you like to sail on a private boat on the calm waters of the Red Sea? Would you want to effortlessly contemplate the underwater richness of its crystalline coastline? Whatever your choice, we can provide you with the boat trip you need: a private yacht from one of Aqaba’s resorts or a boat with a clear bottom to observe corals, fish and wrecks as you cruise along the Jordanian coast.

Petra at night

The Petra by Night night show is an unbeatable opportunity to get to know this famous destination in a different way. The Siq is illuminated with millions of lights like candles and on the façade of the Treasury a show of music and color is projected that transports the traveler to another dimension. Their passes are limited, so it’s a good idea to be well informed about availability.

Cooking class in Madaba

Jordanian gastronomy is so original and tasty that food lovers should not miss one of these master classes in Madaba: Guided by an experienced cook, participants learn how to prepare iconic Arabic dishes. And of course, to taste them once the experience is over. Undoubtedly, a proposal that will conquer you with all five senses.

Camel ride in Wadi Rum

Riding a camel in Wadi Rum will allow you to reach remote corners of this desert. But above all, it will allow you to do it in an ecological and traditional way, as the Bedouin and Nabataean nomads have been doing since time immemorial. Therefore, you can book a tour to enjoy it as an experience but also as a means to optimize your stay in this nature reserve.

Scuba Diving in Aqaba

Everyone knows that the Red Sea is one of the best destinations in the world for diving. For this reason, one of the One of the activities that Jordan Exclusiva can reserve for you is precisely this: dives for all levels, since in some cases neither experience nor certification is required, and in others the challenge is huge, with descents of more than a hundred meters.

How to book our activities in Jordan

Jordan’s activities tickets can be contracted before starting the trip. Actually, it is much more recommended this way: it is a way to make sure that you will have a place and that there will be no mistakes in the reservation because of the language or any other reason.

At Jordania Exclusiva, we can include any of these experiences as part of the global travel package, so you won’t have to pay any additional costson-site, before the activity is carried out. Some of these activities are priced per person, while others can be adapted to private groups to carry them out exclusively.

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Finally, we remind you that we are an agency that works in a tailor-made and personalized way. Therefore, if you have in mind to carry outactivity in Jordan that is not in the catalog on this page, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy this service during your trip: from adventure and nature experiences to cultural experiences, through transport solutions and a long list of possibilities.



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