with free day in Dead Sea

8 days: Jordan Tour with free day at the Dead Sea

If you like to combine cultural visits and relaxing time in your travels, this circuit may be the most suitable for you: in the first days you can discover the most iconic destinations in Jordan and, at the end, you will enjoy a free day at the Dead Sea, which will allow you to conclude your week with the rest you deserve. Take a look at this program and know what this proposal includes: Petra, Wadi Rum, the north of the country, the most outstanding religious sites…

A free day at the Dead Sea: the perfect finishing touch to your circuit

Spend a free day at the Dead Sea It will allow you to discover at your own pace and to your liking this spa destination, one of the most prestigious in the world for the special of its waters: they have a level of salt so high that they are used in numerous treatments and cosmetic products, which also use their mud or mud. Taking a bath in its waters is, therefore, an experience, which also has a surprising effect: it will make you float effortlessly, due to the difference in density. You can check at the hotel and other wellness centers what services are offered, as well as get a ticket to bathe in an outdoor beach.

In addition, this destination holds a record that makes it even more special: it is the lowest point on the planet, with approximately -400 meters above sea level, which affects, for example, solar radiation with low UV composition. It has a memorial museum, which can be a proposal for your free day at the Dead Sea, as well as other historical and cultural sites nearby, especially archaeological sites (sanctuary of Lot, fortress of Herod in Machaerus, place of Christ’s baptism in Bethany, etc.) …

A route full of cultural visits

The rest you will enjoy on your day off at the Dead Sea It will be totally deserved, because in the first days of this circuit the program is very intense to squeeze the most out of each day. Therefore, we do not leave any of Jordan’s iconic destinations off the route. Petra is one of the highlights of the program, as it is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Wadi Rum is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And seven are the pillars of wisdom, according to T.E. Lawrence, which are identified with the seven most famous rock formations of this fascinating desert. But Wadi Rum offers much more, and you can discover it with us aboard a 4×4: rock bridges, red sand dunes, etc. All this wrapped in a special light at sunset and dawn, and under a magical starry sky at night.

The north is another of the regions through which this circuit enters, with special mention to Jerash, ancient Roman city. Religion is the protagonist in Madaba and Mount Nebo, two places where you will discover beautiful mosaics and biblical places. And there will also be time to get to know the essentials of Amman, the vibrant capital of the country where we will take a guided tour and leave free time for additional activities, if desired.

Itinerary of this circuit with a free day at the Dead Sea

Starting in Amman and ending also in this city, the circuit that we propose here lasts 8 days and 7 nights, with a program designed to the millimeter so that you do not miss a free day at the Dead Sea at the end of the trip.

  • Day 1: Amman Airport
  • Day 2: Amman – Jerash – Ajloun – Amman
  • Day 3: Amman – Madaba – Mount Nebo – Shobak – Petra
  • Day 4: Petra – Wadi Rum
  • Day 5: Wadi Rum – Dead Sea
  • Day 6: Dead Sea
  • Day 7: Dead Sea – Amman
  • Day 8: Amman – Amman Airport

Day 1: Amman Airport

After landing at the Amman Queen Alia Airport, the staff of our agency will receive you in the same terminal and will give a first assistance in what you need. It will also be time to do the border formalities and, once all this is completed, we will make the transfer by private vehicle to the hotel, located in Amman. In this hotel, you will also have the first dinner of the circuit before going to your rooms to rest.

  • Meeting and assistance at Queen Alia Amman Airport
  • Border formalities
  • Transfer to the hotel by private vehicle with driver
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman

Day 2: Amman - Jerash - Ajloun - Amman

On your first full day in Jordan, the program is as intense as you would expect: after breakfast at the hotel, we will take a short guided tour of the most emblematic places of Amman, which are many. Of course, we will go to the Citadel, the historic heart of the capital, and stop at the Archaeological Museum and the Roman Theater, probably the most famous monument in Amman.

After this tour, we will make a first road trip to get to know Jerash: this Roman city, called Gerasa in Antiquity, dazzles all its visitors by the spectacular vestiges that are still standing. This is the case of Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Zeus, its two theaters and its Oval Square, all full of columns. Other remains such as the Byzantine churches or the hippodrome allow us to understand what the urbanism of that city was like, where the layout of the Cardus and the Decumanus is still preserved.

After Jerash we will travel to Ajloun, in what is a leap of ten centuries ahead. In its fortress we will immerse ourselves in the Middle Ages, specifically at the time of the Crusades, as this castle was built by Saladin’s troops in their advance to expel the crusaders from the kingdom of Jerusalem. In addition, it was rebuilt shortly after in the time of the Mamluks, with a similar objective: to become strong against the Mongol invaders. These historical echoes not only resonate on the walls of this fortress, but also on the hills of this nature reserve, the greenest in the country, where you will lose the view from here, about 1,250 meters above sea level.

After the third and last visit of the day, we will return to Amman by road to have dinner at the hotel and rest with a view to the next day, no less intense.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Amman Guided Tour: Citadel, Archaeological Museum and Roman Theatre
  • Road trips:
    • Jerash: visit of the Roman city
    • Ajloun: visit of the medieval castle
  • Return to Amman by road
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman

Day 3: Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Shobak - Petra

On the third day we leave Amman and will not return to it until the last night of the circuit, just after enjoying the day off at the Dead Sea.. We will hit the road after breakfast at the hotel, ready to enter different landscapes and eras of Jordanian history.

First of all, we will know a jewel of the sixth century: the mosaic map of the Holy Land located in the Orthodox church of St. George. It is probably the oldest cartographic representation of this territory, where places as symbolic as Jerusalem, Mount Sinai or Jericho are shown. Its thoroughness and style make it not only a historical document but also a work of art.

The next stop of this day is precisely one of those places that can be intuited on the mosaic-map: Mount Nebo. Its importance lies in the fact that, according to the Holy Scriptures, Moses saw the Promised Land from here. The views from the viewpoint, in fact, are breathtaking, with Jerusalem in the background on clear days, but also with the Golan Heights and the place where at the end of the circuit you will pass a Free day: the Dead Sea, which from here looks almost like a toy lake. At the top of this mountain there is also a church and commemorative and explanatory structures of its relevance.

Our vehicle will then resume the road to move south, and approaching the end of the journey, we will have time to stop and get to know another medieval castle: Shobak. The uniqueness of this fortress is that it was built by the crusaders of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, in the first half of the twelfth century. But it fell into Ayyubid hands decades later, as can be read on the outer walls of the enclosure.

From the top of the castle, the view goes into the King’s Road, announcing that Petra is nearby. Therefore, shortly after returning to the road we will arrive at Wadi Musa, the town located next to Petra and where the hotel will be to have dinner and rest at night.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Road trip to:
    • Madaba: visit of the church of San Jorge (map-mosaic)
    • Mount Nebo: visit of the enclosure with viewpoint
    • Shobak: exterior of the Crusader castle
  • Arrival in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)

Day 4: Petra - Wadi Rum

Although many travelers will opt for this circuit for the possibility of spending a free day at the Dead Sea, surely they will also be looking forward to this fourth day, because in the program are two of the most famous and spectacular destinations in all of Jordan: Petra and Wadi Rum.

After breakfast at Wadi Musa’s hotel, we will start the visit to the most symbolic places of Petra, known by many as the ‘pink city’ because that tone stains the rocks of its canyons and the facades carved in them. The most famous is undoubtedly that of the Treasury, ancient mortuary temple of the Nabataean king Aretas III. But there are many examples in the Street of the Façades, as well as other symbolic spaces that are worth knowing: the Nabataean theater, the ancient Roman nucleus, the religious temples and even, if you have time, the Al Deir Monastery.

Everything will depend on our strength and our rhythm when moving around the enclosure. In any case, it will be more agile thanks to a horse service from the Visitor Center.

After our tour of Petra, we will hit the road again to reach the final goal of the day: the desert of Wadi Rum. Although we will arrive at the end of the day without time to do any activity, the mere entrance to this nature reserve will announce its beauty, amplified by the last rays of sun.

A Bedouin camp will be waiting for us in the heart of Wadi Rum to have dinner and rest at night in the most comfortable tents. But one of its great attractions is precisely outside them: in the sky, which at nightfall is populated with bright stars for our delight.

  • Breakfast of hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Guided tour of Petra
  • Road trip to Wadi Rum
  • Dinner and overnight at Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum

Day 5: Wadi Rum - Dead Sea

The beauty of the sunset and the closed night in the desert of Wadi Rum is only comparable to anything else: its sunrise. On the morning of this fifth day, we will be able to witness how the first lights are enveloping our surroundings and illuminating the sky.

We will have breakfast at the camp and, afterwards, we will prepare to do the wildest activity of this circuit: a 4×4 route through the hidden corners of Wadi Rum. Thanks to this means of transport we will reach red dunes, canyons in whose shade vegetation grows, rock arches that defy the laws of gravity … and many other charming places within Wadi Rum.

It will be a two-hour route that we will make the most of. At its conclusion we will resume our usual vehicle to leave the reserve and head to the Dead Sea. There we will arrive in the early afternoon, with time for a first contact with this unique place. And to end the day, wait for dinner at the same hotel where you will be staying.

  • Sunrise and breakfast at Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum
  • Two-hour 4×4 route in the desert of Wadi Rum
  • Road trip to the Dead Sea
  • Rest of the day at the Dead Sea
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel at the Dead Sea

Day 6: Dead Sea

The sixth day will probably be marked in red on your circuit, as it is the day off at the Dead Sea. After breakfast at the hotel, the rhythm and activities of the day are completely at your discretion, since the following hours are clear of commitments.

Those who have chosen this circuit for the properties of its salty waters can use their day off at the Dead Sea to undergo wellness treatments at the hotel or other beauty centers in the area, or simply to take a dip in one of its beaches. But those interested in learning more about the nature and history of this place can visit on their own the museums and sites that are located on the Jordanian shore. The staff of our agency will help you decide what to do during the day off at the Dead Sea, in order to make the most of the day. And at the end of it, you can have dinner at the hotel before resting, as it will be reserved on a half-board basis.

  • Breakfast at hotel in the Dead Sea
  • Free day at the Dead Sea
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel at the Dead Sea

Day 7: Dead Sea - Amman

The seventh day of this circuit maintains the spirit of the previous free day at the Dead Sea: after breakfast we will start a road trip to Amman and on arrival, the rest of the day will be at your disposal.

Amman is also a good place to enjoy such a day, since it is the largest city in the country and the one that offers the most services to the traveler, both from a cultural point of view (museums) and traditional and popular (crafts, gastronomy, etc.).

In any case, complementary activities can also be organized on this day, which our agency can provide so you do not have to worry about anything. And at the end of the day, dinner will be served again at the hotel where you will make the last night of this circuit.

  • Breakfast at hotel in the Dead Sea
  • Road trip to Amman
  • Rest of the day free in Amman
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman

Day 8: Amman - Amman Airport

After spending the last two days off at the Dead Sea and in Amman, our circuit will come to an end. As always, you will have breakfast at the hotel and, after check-out, our staff will pick you up at the hotel at the agreed time to make the transfer in a private vehicle. In the terminal, after doing the last work of assistance, the farewell will take place, where we will show all our gratitude for trusting Jordan Exclusive for the trip.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Hotel pickup and transfer to Amman Queen Alia Airport
  • Assistance and farewell at the airport

Services included in this circuit

Although this circuit leaves a day off at the Dead Sea and another in Amman, the catalog of services of the package is extensive in all the days of the program. This is the list of everything that includes:

  • Pick-up, farewell and assistance at Amman Queen Alia Airport, both on arrival and departure
  • Transfer by private vehicle with driver, from/to the airport
  • Private vehicle with driver throughout the circuit
  • Accompaniment of our staff in Spanish throughout the circuit
  • Entrance fees to museums and monuments specified in the program
  • Guided visits to the museums and monuments described in the program
  • 3 nights hotel in Amman, half board
  • 1 night hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra), half board
  • 1 night in Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, half board
  • 2 nights hotel in the Dead Sea, half board
  • Horse service in Petra
  • Two-hour 4×4 off-road off-road tour in the desert of Wadi Rum

Services not included

During this circuit you will have a lot of room to choose certain services, either during the days off at the Dead Sea. and Amman or at any other time. These are the services not included:

  • International flights in and out of the country
  • Midday lunches
  • Beverages
  • Tips to circuit professionals (driver, guide, etc.)
  • Personal insurance

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