Jordan & Egypt Combo 7 days

Jordan & Egypt Combo Tour in One Week

One week, two countries and many unforgettable places to visit. Those are the accounts of this Jordan & Egypt Combo Tour which, due to its short duration, concentrates what is really essential in just one week. If you only have 7 days to travel but your batteries are fully charged, this is definitely the tour you’ve been waiting for. Here we explain it in detail.

Cairo and Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

On this Jordan & Egypt Combo Tour, one of the star dishes is, without a doubt, the Pyramids of Giza: they are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, quite simply, a place you must visit at least once in your life. Its imposing silhouette has fascinated all those lucky enough to have it before their eyes for more than four millennia. And its mystique and enchantment will remain in force for thousands of years. We will dedicate a morning to him, but his memory will be eternal in your memory for the rest of your life.

Very close to the Pyramids lies the megalopolis of Cairo. Its vast expanse will be impressive from the Giza plateau, and our steps will take us to the origin of it all: the historic Coptic Quarter with the oldest buildings in the city, but also the alleys of the Islamic Quarter and the most spectacular mosques of the Egyptian capital.

King's Road, Petra and Wadi Rum, in Jordan

The second part of this combined trip through Jordan and Egypt has one of the roadtrips

reserved for us The most mythical route in the world: the King’s Road, that is, the route that Moses traveled when he traveled from the country of the Pharaohs to the Promised Land. Departing from Amman, we will arrive in Madaba and do this itinerary in reverse, ascending the sacred Mount Nebo and reaching other panoramic points of the country, such as Shobak Castle.

That King’s Road will transport us to the two most special places in Jordan. On the one hand, Petra, the Nabataean city that has the same distinctions as the Pyramids of Giza, nothing more and nothing less: one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a UNESCO World Heritage Site… and a place you should discover before you die. Further south, the desert of Wadi Rum will leave you open-mouthed, just as it did with the famous British soldier and writer Lawrence of Arabia.

Itinerary of this Jordan and Egypt combo tour in 7 days

This combined tour of Jordan and Egypt It lasts 7 days and 6 nights, starting in the Egyptian capital and ending in the Jordanian capital. These are the stages, one by one, that you will go through with us if you opt for this travel package:

  • Day 1: Cairo Airport – Cairo
  • Day 2: Pyramids of Giza – Saqqara – Dahshur
  • Day 3: Cairo
  • Day 4: Cairo – Amman
  • Day 5: Amman – Madaba – Mount Nebo – Shobak – Petra
  • Day 6: Petra
  • Day 7: Petra – Little Petra – Wadi Rum – Amman Airport

Day 1: Cairo Airport - Cairo

As soon as you start this combined trip through Jordan and Egypt, you will feel supported: the staff of our agency will be waiting at the terminal of Cairo International Airport to welcome you and help you with the first steps you may need.

In a private vehicle, our driver will drive us to the hotel, located in Cairo. On arrival, you will be given a short briefing with the information of interest that you will need to know in this week of travel and our staff will answer any questions you may have. The rest of the day is free so, depending on the time of arrival, there may be some time left for a first contact with the city, before returning to the hotel to rest in the rooms.

  • Arrival at Cairo Airport
  • Meeting with our staff and visa procedures
  • Hotel transfer by private vehicle with driver
  • Check-in and briefing
  • Overnight in hotel in Cairo

Day 2: Pyramids of Giza - Saqqara - Dahshur

After resting from the long plane ride and recharging your batteries with a good breakfast, it’s time to face the first day of visits, which is also one of the most intense: the necropolis of Giza and other similar sites in the surrounding area.

We’ll start with the Pyramids of Giza, erected as eternal tombs of the pharaohs Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, more than 4,500 years ago. Its Great Sphinx acts as a sentinel and other complementary constructions and archaeological remains will help you understand the magnitude of this place, as our official guide will explain to you.

After touring the most emblematic points of the enclosure and taking the obligatory photos to immortalize the moment, we’ll head to a necropolis of equal or even more value, because here stands what is considered to be the first Pyramid: the Step of Djoser. Other constructions and temples complete the visit to this place that was so important to the ancient Egyptians.

Finally, the necropolis of Dahshur will be the last to visit on the day, with its imposing and little-known Red Pyramid. Here we will enjoy greater tranquility than in the previous necropolises, which is conducive to better understand the meaning of these places so closely related to the pharaohs and the Beyond.

Lunch will be taken at one of the local restaurants along the route and the afternoon will be free, so you’ll be able to briefly explore Cairo on your return from the Pyramids, before enjoying a well-deserved night’s rest at the hotel.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Cairo
  • Visit of the necropolis of Giza and its Pyramids (exterior)
  • Visit of the necropolis of Saqqara
  • Visit of Dahshur Necropolis
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Free afternoon
  • Overnight in hotel in Cairo

Day 3: Cairo

The capital of Egypt is a city that overwhelms with its frenetic pace and enormous size. But its oldest neighborhoods still retain a genuine charm, as if they had stopped in time. Discovering it will be the objective of the third day of this year. Combined tour of Jordan and Egypt, which will start with breakfast at the hotel.

The day’s program includes the most emblematic places of the city. The Coptic Quarter is home to Christian churches related to the early days of this religion, while the Islamic Quarter brings together mosques, madrassas and other monuments from medieval times, under the rule of Fatimids and Mamluks, among others. But if there is one construction that stands out, it is the Citadel of Saladin (12th century) and its Alabaster Mosque (19th century), which we will visit.

The Egyptian Museum is an institution when it comes to Egyptology, and we will consider visiting this or the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, depending on the availability of one or the other. We will have lunch at a local restaurant, leaving dinner as a free choice before returning to the hotel to rest on this last night in Cairo.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Cairo
  • Full-day tour of Cairo:
    • Coptic Quarter
    • Islamic Cairo
    • Saladin’s Citadel and Alabaster Mosque
    • Egyptian Museum or Grand Egyptian Museum of Giza
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Overnight in hotel in Cairo

Day 4: Cairo - Amman

The fourth day of this Jordan & Egypt Combo Tour It is reserved for the flight that will make you change countries: after breakfast at the hotel and at the agreed time, our driver will take you by private vehicle to Cairo International Airport and, from there, you will fly to Amman Queen Alia International Airport.

Depending on the time of departure and arrival, you’ll be able to enjoy free time, either in the Egyptian capital or in the Jordanian capital. If you don’t land in Amman too late, dinner will be included in the same hotel where you’ll rest for the night. You will be informed of the exact times during the briefing on the first day.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Cairo
  • Transfer to Cairo Airport by private vehicle with driver
  • Dinner and overnight stay at hotel in Amman (if arrival is not too late)

Day 5: Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Shobak - Petra

The fifth day of this combined trip to Jordan and Egypt It is the longest in terms of mileage, but also one of the most suggestive. After breakfast at the hotel in Amman, we’ll hit the asphalt to travel along the King’s Road, aboard our vehicle.

The first must-see stop is Madaba, a town with a large proportion of Christian population and historic churches. Perhaps the most important is that of St. George because of the treasure inside: the Byzantine mosaic that is considered the first cartographic representation of the Holy Land.

Nearby, on Mount Nebo, the traveler will be able to experience the sensation experienced by Moses when he contemplated the Promised Land. Before your eyes, a mystical landscape that has changed a lot since biblical times but that the traveler will quickly recognize: the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley… and even Jerusalem, on clear and clear days.

The route will take us past Shobak, a medieval castle built during the period of the Crusades that we will only see from the outside. And at the end of the day we will arrive in Wadi Musa, the small town used as a base of operations for visitors to Petra, since it is right next to that Nabataean city. To visit it, we will wait for the next day, so at this time dinner will be served at the hotel and then rest in the rooms.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Trip along the King’s Road:
    • Madaba and St. George’s Church
    • Mount Nebo and Moses Viewpoint
    • Shobak Castle (exterior only)
  • Arrival in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Wadi Musa

Day 6: Petra

Petra is, along with the Pyramids of Giza, the most anticipated visit of this Jordan and Egypt combo tour. So it’s only logical that we dedicate a full day to its exploration. After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll head to the Visitor Center to access the site and begin the experience.

The Siq (narrow rocky entrance canyon), the Treasury (its best-known construction), the Street of Facades (with Nabataean tombs carved into the rock), the Colonnaded Street (remains of the ancient Roman city) or the Al Deir Monastery (Nabataean construction reused in Byzantine times) are some of its most symbolic places, and will not be missing on our visit.

To do this, we will use horses or other means with which we will speed up the time on the excursion and save strength, so that we can dedicate all our attention to the most significant details of the enclosure. And at the end of the day, we’ll return to the hotel to have dinner and rest.

  • Breakfast of hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Full-day tour of Petra
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Wadi Musa

Day 7: Petra - Little Petra - Wadi Rum - Amman Airport

The seventh day is the last of this combined tour of Jordan and Egypt, but it will still bring us strong emotions and indelible memories. After breakfast at the hotel in Wadi Musa, we’ll visit Little Petra, a small enclave reminiscent of Petra for its canyons and spaces carved into the rock.

From Little Petra we will travel to Wadi Rum, the famous desert forever linked to the name of Lawrence of Arabia… although, long before that, this nature reserve was a place of passage and shelter for Bedouin tribes and other civilizations. For exploration, we’ll get into a 4×4 in an experience that mixes adventure and the wildest nature.

And from Wadi Rum, we’ll go directly to Amman Queen Alia International Airport, from where the plane that will take you back home will take off. We will leave in time to check-in, according to the instructions of our staff. Once the last formalities have been completed, we will say goodbye with affection, gratitude and hope for a future reunion.

  • Breakfast of hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Little Petra Tour
  • Excursion to the Wadi Rum desert. 4×4 route
  • Direct transfer to Amman Queen Alia Airport
  • Billing procedures and end of services

Services included in this Jordan and Egypt combo tour

These are the services included in our Jordan & Egypt Combo Tour Package:

  • Meeting and border formalities at Cairo International Airport
  • Transfer from Cairo Airport to hotel
  • Transfer to Amman Queen Alia International Airport
  • Private vehicle with Spanish-speaking driver throughout the circuit
  • 3 nights in a hotel in Cairo, breakfast only
  • 1 night in a hotel in Amman, on a half-board basis
  • 2 nights hotel in Wadi Musa, half board
  • 2 lunches at local Cairo restaurants
  • English-speaking guide throughout the circuit and at the monuments to be visited
  • Entrance fees to the monuments indicated in the program

Services not included

The following services are not included in this combined trip through Jordan and Egypt, so their cost must be borne separately by each client:

  • International flights to and from Egypt
  • Gratuities from guides and other tour professionals
  • Visa fees
  • Entrance fees to the interior of the Pyramids of Giza
  • Midday Lunches in Jordan
  • Beverages
  • Entrance fees to monuments not described in the program
  • Health Insurance
  • PCR Tests

The experience of our clients is our best guarantee.

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