Star gazing in Wadi Rum: a guided activity to enjoy the best sky

Can you think of a better place in the world for star gazing than Wadi Rum? This incredible natural reserve has everything for this type of activity, and you can add it to your travel package with Jordan Exclusive, along with others like camel rides or hot air balloon trips. On this page, we will tell you what this experience consists of, which will enrich your stay in one of the most fascinating deserts on the planet.

What does star gazing in Wadi Rum consist of?

This star gazing activity in Wadi Rum is a private or group experience where participants discover the beauty of the night sky in one of the most suitable places for it in the entire northern hemisphere.

The conditions here are very favorable: the altitude of this natural reserve (over 1,500 meters above sea level), clear skies almost all year round, and the absence of pollution (both environmental and light) means that the stars shine with special light and that many elements that usually remain hidden from view appear here in all their splendor.

Star gazing in Wadi Rum is an organized and guided activity, so professional monitors will take you to the most appropriate places to contemplate the sky, and an expert guide will help participants understand and identify stars and constellations, such as the Orion Centurion, the North Star, the Big Dipper… and countless other examples. In addition, artificial satellites that orbit the Earth and, of course, planets and natural satellites, such as the Moon, will be visible.

For a better observation of the sky, the experience provides professional telescopes that participants can use to see what goes unnoticed to the human eye. In particular, planets like Saturn or Venus, or the Moon and its craters in a more detailed observation, among other possibilities.

The guide or guides will also talk about other related and interesting aspects, such as orientation methods based on the position of the stars, as well as other curious data and stories from popular culture and esotericism, such as horoscopes or mythological beliefs of ancient civilizations based on astrology.

The chances of this activity being canceled due to weather conditions are quite low, but in any case, you should keep in mind that it could be suspended if the visibility conditions are not adequate.

Where to do star gazing in Wadi Rum

The extent of Wadi Rum (72,000 hectares) makes it countless places suitable for observing the stars. However, the organizers of the activity will take the group to the most suitable location, away from the few Bedouin camps in the reserve and without natural accidents that may hinder the full vision of the firmament.

To participate in this activity, it is most suitable to stay precisely in one of those camps located within this UNESCO-protected desert, although it is also common to join it from the city of Aqaba.

What does the activity include and more details?

If you book your star gazing activity in Wadi Rum with Jordan Exclusive, you can have all the contracted services, with the details well closed. Not only will we book the activity itself, which starts at the meeting point at the agreed time, but we can also add any other aspect to make the experience complete: private transportation from your place of accommodation (Aqaba or Bedouin camp), dinner or lunch according to the timing of the activity, overnight stay in the desert under the starry sky, etc.



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