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Wellness trips in Jordan: a getaway that will refresh you body and mind

Jordan has positioned itself as a hot spring destination, not only for its natural resources but also for the numerous wellness centers that have opened in recent years. So if you want to organize a getaway to renew yourself in body and mind, take note of our Wellness trips in Jordan – you will enjoy a relaxing experience to feel better inside and out!

These are our wellness trips in Jordan

Jordan, a power in thermalism

The Dead Sea is the main reason for the boom in wellness travel in Jordan. The extraordinary conditions of this place make its waters have a mineral component very suitable for beauty treatments, health or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

The Dead Sea is located at about -400 meters altitude with respect to sea level. That makes, for example, the incidence of ultraviolet rays more friendly, so that staying on its shore or in the solariums of its resorts is a most pleasant experience.

But what really makes the Dead Sea unique is the very high concentration of salt in its waters. That makes it easy for you to float effortlessly, which is a relaxing experience in itself.

In addition to salt, there are many other minerals, such as potassium or magnesium, and their baths are usually used for therapeutic purposes for their benefits in different areas of health, such as arthritis, allergies and skin care. On the other hand, the mud or mud that forms in this space is highly appreciated at the cosmetic level, exploited in innovative treatments and products.

In addition, there are many other wellness experiences associated with the Dead Sea. Without going any further, in the many resorts and beauty centers that are located in its surroundings, where treatments are often offered with water from this endorheic lake or with its mud.

Thermal tourism in Jordan, much more than the Dead Sea

In the rest of the country, other wellness facilities have also proliferated, especially in high-class complexes. In Amman and other cities you can find spas and thermal baths that have their roots in the Arab culture itself: the classics
, where it is possible to enjoy the benefits of water at different temperatures.

In Aqaba, on the shores of the Red Sea, the tourism industry has also evolved a lot, so that its resorts are now another pole of attraction for wellness trips to Jordan: swimming pools, solariums, beauty salons and massage… and much more.

And if you simply want to disconnect from the stressful daily routine, you just have to ‘get lost’ in Jordan and travel at your own pace, without worrying about the clock. The eerie silence of the Wadi Rum desert or a slow private boat ride on the Gulf of Aqaba will be experiences relaxing enough to justify a getaway to this country.

Some wellness ideas in Jordan

The variety of experiences is wide and are distributed in different regions of the country. If you are interested in a Wellness trip through Jordan, here are some ideas that may captivate you:

  • Natural bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea. You will live the pleasure of floating effortlessly, and your body will benefit from the therapeutic properties of its waters.
  • Mud baths in the Dead Sea. Covering yourself with this mud is one of the most fashionable treatments for its advantages for the skin, with a marked detox character
  • Beauty and health salons. Many are the specialized centers of the Dead Sea that use in their treatments the water and mud they have on hand
  • Resorts in Aqaba. The large resorts located on the Red Sea will allow you to relax while sunbathing in their pleasant outdoor facilities
  • Hammams in Amman. The political and economic capital of the country has a varied offer of spas and Arab baths, from which tourists can benefit

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