And those of other countries on Jordanian territory.

As we explained on our visa page, embassies are not necessary for obtaining a visa, except for citizens of countries with restrictions. However, it will be very useful for you to know which are the embassies of Jordan around the world, as well as to know where your country has its embassy in Jordan, in case you need to contact them at any point during your trip preparation or during your trip. Therefore, on this page, we have compiled the main embassy locations in a list for you to consult.

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Embassies of Jordan around the world

Given its international projection and good bilateral relationships with multiple countries, there are numerous embassies of Jordan scattered throughout other states, which are known as ‘diplomatic missions.’ Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Embassy of Jordan in Germany: Heerstr. 201 13595 Berlin
  • Embassy of Jordan in Spain: Paseo Gral. Martinez Campos, 41 28010 – Madrid
  • Embassy of Jordan in Brazil: B 70483-900 SHIS QI 09 Conjunto 18 Casa 14 Lago Sul Brasilia-DF
  • Embassy of Jordan in the United Kingdom: 6 Upper Phillimore Gardens London W8 7HA
  • Embassy of Jordan in Austria: Rennweg 17/4,1030 Vienna
  • Embassy of Jordan in Switzerland: Thoracker Strasse 3 3074 – Muri. Bern Mission of Jordan in Geneva: 37-39, Rue de Vermont, pág. B 16-17/1211
  • Embassy of Jordan in the United States: 3504 International, DR, NW Washington, DC 20008
  • Embassy of Jordan in Greece: 21 Papadiamandi Street Palio Psychico 15452 Athens
  • Embassy of Jordan in Italy: Via Giuseppe Marchi 1 / P 00161 Rome
  • Embassy of Jordan in Belgium: 1050 Av. Franklin Roosevelt,104 Brussels
  • Embassy of Jordan in Chile: San Pío X 2460 Depto. 1307 – Santiago de la Providencia
  • Embassy of Jordan in Romania: Dumbrava rosie No.1 Sector 2 Bucharest
  • Embassy of Jordan in France: 80 Gmt 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine Boulevard Maurice Barres, Paris Permanent Mission in New York: 866 Second Avenue. 4th floor New York, NY 10017
  • Embassy of Jordan in the Netherlands: Badhuisweg – 79, 2587CD, The Hague Embassy of Jordan in Turkey: Mesnevi Dede Korkut Sok. No:1 8 A.Ayranci Ankara 06690
  • Embassy of Jordan in Canada: Bronson Ave.Suite 701100 Ottawa en KIB 6G8

If you have not found your country on this list, it is very likely that it only has a consulate, or that its representation is located in a neighboring country. Find out what situation your country is in and where you should go for any bureaucratic procedure.

What countries have embassies in Jordan?

Currently, there are over seventy embassies in Jordan. Among them are those of its main allies in the Middle East, as well as the majority of Western states.

Below we show a list of all European and American countries with embassies in Jordan:

  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Vatican City, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom 
  • Americans: Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela 

Other representations

If you have not found your country on the above list, it means that it does not have an embassy in Jordan. But most likely, it has a representation in another country in the region, from where bilateral diplomatic relations and consular procedures are centralized.

Check where your country’s representation is located in relation to the state of Jordan, in case you need to contact them during your trip.

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