Jordan in 6 days

Tour of the most famous and beautiful destinations in the country

6 days in Jordan They go a long way. And the best proof is this circuit that, in that period of time, runs through the most symbolic places of the country: Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, Jerash … and a long etcetera. Take a look at what is included and join this adventure that will take you into the most fascinating contrasts of this country.

6 days in Jordan, among Romans, Nabataeans, Bedouins, Crusaders...

Jordan is a small country but, through its historical monuments and natural landscapes, it shows many faces to those who come to discover it. And in this circuit of 6 days in Jordan, we will know how the different civilizations have left their mark on the territory.

Of course, we will feel like Nabataeans when we visit what was their spectacular capital: Petra, which they called Raqmu and which we know today as the ‘pink city’. But without a doubt, there are two distinctions that this destination can be proud of: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

The Nabataeans were largely followed by the Romans, who also left their mark in many parts of Jordan. But none better than in Jerash, ancient Gerasa, which today has an archaeological and monumental site worthy of the best cities of that empire.

For millennia, Jordan’s population was essentially nomadic, and the Bedouin people (still numerous in the country) still retain many of their traditions. The ideal place to discover it is Wadi Rum, a desert World Heritage Site by Unesco and space forever linked to T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

The Crusaders also made their contribution, and we will see it at this circuit in Jordan in 6 days.. Specifically, in the castle of Karak, military construction of the twelfth century. However, we will also talk about his rivals and executioners, the troops of Saladin, in this fortress and in the castle of Ajloun.

Christians and Jews will be protagonists in places of such significance as Madaba, Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea. And of course, we will be impregnated with Arab culture throughout these 6 days in Jordan, either in the capital Amman or in any other destination of the program.

Itinerary of this 6-day circuit in Jordan

Amman is the gateway and also the farewell place of this circuit, since here is the main International Airport: Amman Queen Alia. Therefore, this route of 6 days and 5 nights in Jordan has a circular route, as detailed below.

  • Day 1: Amman Airport
  • Day 2: Amman – Ajloun – Jerash – Dead Sea – Amman
  • Day 3: Amman – Madaba – Mount Nebo – Karak – Petra
  • Day 4: Petra
  • Day 5: Petra – Little Petra – Wadi Rum – Amman
  • Day 6: Amman – Amman Airport

Day 1: Amman Airport

The first day of this circuit is dedicated to the arrival trip and basic operations for accommodation in the country. At the Amman Queen Alia International Airport, at the foot of the terminal, our staff will receive you and give you assistance in whatever you need, and after that they will lead you to the private vehicle with which we will transfer you to the hotel in Amman.

This hotel will be located in a central area of the capital so you can have dinner freely in the surroundings, before going to the room to rest.

  • Meeting and assistance at Queen Alia Amman Airport
  • Border formalities
  • Transfer by private chauffeured vehicle to the hotel
  • Overnight in hotel in Amman

Day 2: Amman - Ajloun - Jerash - Dead Sea - Amman

On the second day, the circuit really gets going. And it does so with a day full of interesting excursions. To the first of them, in the north of Jordan, we will go after breakfast at the hotel.

We will arrive by road to the castle of Ajloun, a fortress of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries where we will immerse ourselves in the time of the Crusades and the subsequent defense of the territory by the Muslim troops, first by the Ayyubids of Saladin and later by the Mamluks. But the fascinating thing is not only its architecture and history, but also the panoramic views it offers of the surroundings: from the top of this castle, the visitor dominates with the gaze a good piece of the nature reserve of Ajloun, which attracts attention for its green and Mediterranean landscape.

After this visit and still in the morning, we will move to Jerash: in the heart of this city is what was once Gerasa, a Roman city that flourished culturally to the point of receiving the visit of Emperor Hadrian. In his honor an arch was erected that will be part of the visit, as will be the circus, theaters, the temple of Aphrodite and Oval Square, among other places. It is a great archaeological site but, thanks to the magnificent state of conservation of the whole, we can well consider it a monumental enclosure.

After the visit to Jerash, we will return to Amman to have lunch for free but knowing that just after another essential excursion awaits us: the Dead Sea. To this great lake we will go in the afternoon so that, also freely, everyone decides how to spend the next hours. Of course, taking a dip in its waters and mineral-rich muds is the main option, but there are also facilities in which to undergo other more relaxing treatments. Whatever the option, the mere presence in this place will already be a unique fact, since it is the lowest point on the planet, more than 400 meters below sea level.

At the agreed time, we will pick you up to return to Amman and leave you at the hotel, where in addition to a well-deserved rest you will enjoy dinner in its facilities.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Morning excursion to:
    • Ajloun: visit of the castle from the time of the Crusades
    • Jerash: visit of the Roman city
  • Return to Amman and free lunch
  • Afternoon excursion to the Dead Sea. Free time
  • Return to Amman
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman

Day 3: Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Karak - Petra

On this circuit of Jordan in 6 days, the third day is another of the most intense in terms of cultural visits. But this time, we will do it in the format of a road route, leaving Amman not to return until two days later.

At the end of breakfast at the hotel, the first visit will be to the Jordanian capital itself, in panoramic format to briefly know the most symbolic places of the historic center. And they are many and very old, because Amman was an important city centuries before Christ, as well as in Roman times, with the name of Philadelphia, bequeathing us today great constructions such as its Roman Theater.

The next visit is the city of Madaba and takes us back to the time of the ‘heirs’ of the Roman Empire: the Byzantines. Specifically, to the sixth century, when a Byzantine church (today the Orthodox church of St. George) was decorated with a mosaic map that has gone down in history: it is the oldest representation of the Holy Land that is preserved, and its beauty and detail are amazing.

From Madaba we will move to nearby Mount Nebo, a place of great significance for the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), since here the prophet Moses set foot to contemplate the Promised Land. And he laid his eyes where ours will too: a panorama that encompasses the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and even Jerusalem if the day is clear. The enclosure, composed of a viewpoint, a church and interpretation spaces, is certainly worth visiting.

After that, our vehicle will return to the road to travel a greater distance in a southerly direction, stopping at another elevated place: the castle of Karak, built in the twelfth century by the crusaders of the kingdom of Jerusalem, although conquered shortly after by the troops under the command of Saladin. It happens to be one of the best examples of military strength of that period, and we will understand it in our visit, which will be in the afternoon.

And in the last stretch of the day, we will arrive at the destination of this day: Wadi Musa, that is, the town located next to Petra, because the next day we will enter it. At the moment, the hotel will be our place of rest and dinner during the night.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Panoramic tour of Amman
  • Road trip by:
    • Madaba: visit of the Byzantine mosaic map in the church of St. George
    • Mount Nebo: visit of this sacred space
    • Karak: visit of the castle
  • Arrival in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Dinner and overnight in Wadi Musa (Petra)

Day 4: Petra

If you want to visit Jordan in 6 days, the fairest thing is to dedicate an entire one to Petra, the most famous and fascinating destination in the whole country. And that is precisely what we will do on this fourth day, after breakfast at the hotel.

Thanks to the horse service that we will have reserved, we will be able to move more quickly and comfortably through the canyons that form this city excavated and hidden in the rock. In this way, we will arrive effortlessly at the Treasury, the most famous space for its beautiful façade, carved by the Nabataeans to house the tomb of King Aretas III (s. I a.C).

But in reality, there are many other spaces sculpted directly into the rock, as we will see in the Street of the Façades. The Theater is another great construction that realizes the importance of this city, capital of the Nabataean empire. And the Columned Street will also serve to understand how the Romans helped to enlarge it some time later. The Al Deir monastery, used by the Byzantines, can be a magnificent epilogue to this day of cultural visit.

After that, we will return to Wadi Musa’s hotel to have dinner at it and to rest from a very intense day.

  • Breakfast of hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Full-day guided tour in Petra
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)

Day 5: Petra - Little Petra - Wadi Rum - Amman

Before returning to Amman, the fifth day has some great surprises in store for us, which we will go to by road as soon as breakfast ends at the hotel in Wadi Musa.

The first is Little Petra, in nearby Al Beida: this small enclave carved in a rocky canyon surprises by its resemblance to Petra, to which it probably offered service (logistical, agricultural?) when this was the main city of the area. Temples, dwellings and other spaces excavated in the rock and preserved over time thanks to the fact that it functioned as a Bedouin settlement are preserved.

Little Petra will be seen calmly in the morning, but in the afternoon the emotions will be stronger: we will travel to the desert of Wadi Rum, which caused so much impact on T.E. Lawrence and that so much fascination continues to generate in its visitors. This lunar landscape, with arches and stone bridges that defy the laws of nature, will be the perfect setting to make a 4×4 route through tracks and dunes.

With the images of this nature reserve still in the retina, we will return to our usual vehicle to start our journey back to Amman. We will arrive in the capital at the end of the day, with time to have dinner at the hotel and rest the last night.

  • Breakfast of hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra)
  • Little Petra Tour
  • Road trip to Wadi Rum
    • 4×4 route through the desert
  • Return trip to Amman by road
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman

Day 6: Amman - Amman Airport

Our Jordan program in 6 days It ends on this last day, which we dedicate entirely to leaving the country without setbacks. Breakfast will be served at the hotel and, at the agreed time, our driver will pick you up for the transfer by private vehicle to the Amman Queen Alia Airport. There we will provide the necessary assistance and say goodbye in the terminal, hoping for a new reunion in the future, perhaps to visit other destinations in the country.

  • Breakfast at hotel in Amman
  • Transfer by private vehicle to Amman Airport
  • Assistance and farewell at the terminal

Services included during these 6 days in Jordan

This program to discover Jordan in 6 days It consists of quality services with which to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Specifically:

  • Assistance on arrival and departure at Amman Queen Alia International Airport
  • Transfers airport-hotel and vice versa, in private vehicle with driver
  • Private vehicle with driver throughout the circuit
  • Guide in Spanish from the second to the fifth day
  • Entrance fees to the monuments indicated in the program
  • Horse service in Petra
  • 2-hour 4×4 tour in the desert of Wadi Rum
  • 3 nights hotel in Amman, half board (except the first day, breakfast only)
  • 2 nights in hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra), half board

Services not included

In order to better plan your stay, you should keep in mind that these services are not included in the package:

  • International travel in and out of the country
  • First night dinner
  • Midday lunches
  • Beverages
  • Tips to professionals participating in the circuit
  • Personal insurance

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