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Jordan Adventure Travel: Feel the Force of Nature

If you have an explorer spirit and are not satisfied with doing what all tourists do, then you can organize an adventure trip through Jordan.. This country is home to corners of wild nature, where the hand of man goes practically unnoticed. In addition, it has companies and professionals capable of providing activities that involve an adrenaline rush. And Jordan Exclusive takes care of organizing everything for you. Do you dare to discover it and live it?

This is our adventure trips to Jordan

What do our adventure proposals entail?

On our adventure trips in Jordan, there are several components that are always present. One of them is the adrenaline associated with the main activities: carrying them out is a real discharge of emotion, either because of the speed reached, the height ascended or the personal challenge involved in their realization.

Many of these activities have a very marked sports component: although in most cases a special physical condition is not required, others do require a certain technical mastery of the specialty… or at least the will and ability to acquire it.

And of course, on these adventure trips through Jordan Nature is always very present. The desert and its thousand faces stand out above all ecosystems, which we can know in the Wadi Rum reserve, declared a World Heritage Site for its capricious forms. But there are also fascinating adventures and activities in other lesser-known reserves in the country, around wadis, oases and other spaces of great ecological value.

Adventure does not mean risk

Our adventure trips in Jordan They are, first and foremost, safe. It is the indispensable condition for enjoyment. Although some activities may seem risky, everything is always under control to eliminate any hint of danger.

This is done by the organizers of each activity, which are companies and professionals with all the permits and documentation in order, and use the security elements required by each case: personal protective equipment, vehicles adapted to the environment, etc.

We remind you that Jordan Exclusive is a premium travel agency, which means that in the services contracted for your trip no detail will be spared for the success of the activity. And in the case of adventure travel, that means a special attention to safety.

Some ideas for our trips

Here are some examples of experiences you can add to your Jordan adventure trip:

  • 4×4 routes: it is the star proposal of any adventure trip. In Wadi Rum is a real
    , but can also be performed in other deserts of the country
  • Climbing: due to its geographical and geological conditions, Jordan is full of steep mountains with walls ideal for climbing, of different types
  • Free camping: respecting current regulations, it is possible to camp in the middle of the desert and feel the energy of the place, emulating the Bedouins of yesteryear
  • Balloon flights: contemplating the landscape from above is a special emotion, for which only will and a small dose of courage are required
  • Diving in Aqaba: the Red Sea also hides very special experiences, such as diving among ancient wrecks, colorful fish and other larger marine life

And if you have any other idea, do not hesitate to discuss it with us: we are an agency that organizes customized and personalized circuits, so we can design an adventure trip through Jordan with other activities that you consider especially suitable for this country. Contact us and we will advise you.

The experience of our clients is our best guarantee.

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