Arabic as official language and other languages spoken in the country

To communicate during your trip, you will need to speak or understand Jordan’s language, or an alternative language used by service providers in the country. That is why on this page we explain the country’s official language and other languages commonly used by its inhabitants.

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Arabic: the official language of Jordan

The official language of Jordan is Arabic. It is used in all aspects of society, from education to public administration, media, and the workplace. In these cases, we refer to Modern Standard Arabic, which is based on Classical Arabic and is also the official language of other Arab countries.

However, in everyday life, a more colloquial variety known as Jordanian Arabic is used in this country. It is related to other Levantine varieties of Arabic, with similarities to Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian Arabic. This Jordanian Arabic is also known as ammiya and its main differences with Modern Standard Arabic lie in some distinct pronunciations and some loans or influences from English, Turkish, and French.

In addition, in the south of the country, there are people who speak Bedawi Arabic, which is the spoken language of the Bedouins, especially in the Sinai Peninsula but also in other neighboring territories, including Jordan.

English and other languages in Jordan

In addition to Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Arabic, there is another language that is widely used in Jordan: English. Although it is not an official language, it is commonly used in the tourism industry and other areas of society, such as government and commerce, for two reasons:

  • The decades of British protectorate in Jordan during the first half of the 20th century helped to popularize the use of this international language.
  • Jordan’s strong emphasis on tourism, which uses English as a lingua franca for communication, especially with foreign customers and suppliers.

In some cases, signs and other informational spaces display text in both Arabic and its English translation. You should pay special attention to the translation of proper nouns such as cities, as the term displayed may differ from what your guide or map indicates.

Other languages are less common, even though they are spoken by numerous visitors each year. French can be highlighted as it is also widely used in other Arab countries and is spoken mainly by people with a high level of education.

In your language with Jordania Exclusiva

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