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A country that heavily relies on tourism must have different options for travelers’ arrival. This is the case with Jordan, which has direct connections from territories located on different continents, especially Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. On this page, we tell you how to get to Jordan through different means of transportation so you can plan your arrival and return home accordingly.

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How to Get to Jordan by Plane

Undoubtedly, the best way to travel to Jordan from another country is by plane. There are two international airports that can serve as entry points:

  • Queen Alia International Airport in Amman
  • King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba

In addition, you should keep in mind that there are domestic flights between both airports, which provides an alternative way to reach either city from another foreign country.

Below we show the international destinations that have direct routes with these airports, but it is important to remember that the availability of these routes may vary over time, either due to diplomatic issues or health emergencies such as the coronavirus. Therefore, we recommend checking beforehand if the route you intend to take is operational at the time of your trip.

terminal aeropuerto amman How to get there

Queen Alia International Airport in Amman

is the largest airport in the country and serves practically all international flights. Therefore, if you are considering flying to Jordan, this should be your first option. Flights arrive here from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Here is a list of international destinations with direct flights to or from this airport:

  • Europe: Berlin, Frankfurt, Memmingen, Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark), Barcelona, Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), Tbilisi, Batumi (Georgia), Athens, Thessaloniki (Greece), Budapest (Hungary), Bologna, Milan, Rome (Italy), Vilnius (Lithuania), Valletta (Malta), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), London (United Kingdom), Prague (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania), Moscow (Russia), Zurich, Geneva (Switzerland), Ankara, Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir, Istanbul, Trabzon (Turkey), Kiev (Ukraine), Larnaca, Paphos (Cyprus)
  • North America: Montreal (Canada), Chicago, Detroit, New York, Washington DC (United States)
  • Asia: Dammam, Medina, Riyadh, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Manama (Bahrain), Guangzhou (China), Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Jakarta (Indonesia), Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah (Iraq), Tel Aviv (Israel), Kuwait (Kuwait), Beirut (Lebanon), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar), Damascus (Syria), Bangkok (Thailand), Aden, Sanaa (Yemen)
  • Africa: Algiers (Algeria), Alexandria, Assiut, Cairo, Sharm El-Sheikh, Sohag (Egypt), Benina, Tripoli (Libya), Casablanca (Morocco), Khartoum (Sudan), Tunis (Tunisia)

King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba

This second airport has much lower passenger traffic than the capital, Amman, but it can also be a solution in certain situations. For example, for travelers who are doing a combined circuit with Egypt, but also in the case of organizing an exclusive package, such as arriving in Jordan on a charter flight, as small aircraft from different countries land here, especially during peak season.

Here is a list of destinations directly connected to Aqaba airport, either through regular, seasonal or charter routes:

  • Africa: Cairo, Assiut (Egypt)
  • Europe: Berlin (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), London (United Kingdom), Milan (Italy), Moscow (Russia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Istanbul (Turkey)

How to get to Jordan by boat

Traveling to Jordan by ferry is another possible option, and also one of the most common for those who are doing a combined circuit that includes other countries in the area, such as Egypt. In this case, everything goes through the country’s only passenger (and cargo) port: Aqaba, in the gulf of the same name, located on the coast of the Red Sea.

These are the two regular lines that start or end at the port of Aqaba, which connect this city with Egypt, specifically with the south of the Sinai Peninsula:

  • Nuweiba (Egypt) – Aqaba
  • Taba (Egypt) – Aqaba
frontera jordania How to get there

How to get to Jordan by car

Getting to Jordan by road is not the fastest or most comfortable option for travelers from other continents, so it is not the most common either. But it is an option that many travelers who combine their visit to Jordan with other countries in the area, especially Israel, carry out.

Border crossings from Israel

These are the existing border crossings with Israel, which are the most common access to Jordan by road.

  • Wadi Araba (Yitzhak Rabin): It is the southernmost one, connecting the cities of Aqaba and Eliat
  • King Hussein Bridge (Allenby Bridge), to connect the cities of Amman and Jericho, in the West Bank
  • Sheikh Hussein Bridge (Jordan River), it is the northernmost one, to connect Irbid and the Northern District of Israel.

Border crossings from Saudi Arabia

It is also possible to cross the border with Saudi Arabia through three crossings, although it is a less common option, among other reasons because of the obstacles that Saudi Arabia poses in providing visas. In any case, these border crossings are:

  • Durra, south of Aqaba, which connects this city with the Saudi coast of the Red Sea
  • Al-Mudawwara, also in the south, in the middle of the desert, to reach from cities such as Medina or Tabuk
  • Al-Omari, in the east of the country

Other land border crossings

Special mention deserves the Jaber border crossing, on the border between Jordan and Syria: it is the one used on the (once) popular Damascus-Amman route, but due to the civil war in the neighboring country and for security reasons, this crossing may be closed. In any case, until the normalization of the situation in Syria arrives, it is not very advisable to use this road entry to Jordan.

Likewise, the border crossing with Iraq (Al Karamah) is also not commonly used as a tourist entry route to the country, so we do not consider it a viable option at present.

How to get to Jordan by bus

If you are seriously considering how to get to Jordan by road, the bus can be another option. The reference company in this regard is JETT (Jordan Express Tourist Transportation), which usually connects Jordan with two neighboring countries:

  • Egypt: several departures from/to Cairo
  • Saudi Arabia: direct routes with Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam

However, these routes may be modified or even canceled for various reasons, such as what happened during the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we recommend that you check this travel possibility in advance.

How to get to Jordan by train

There is no real option to reach Jordan by train from other countries. The railway network in the country is virtually non-existent, with only one line connecting Amman to Damascus, the capital of Syria. However, due to the civil conflict and instability in the neighboring country, this line only operates up to the border.

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