Jordan tourist sites: these are the most important destinations in the country

Despite being a relatively small country, Jordan’s tourist sites are numerous. On this page we give you access to information about the most important ones, as travel guides with practical advice and explanations about their history, their climate and other details to take into account. Enter and consult each of them to discover where your travel circuit can take you.

The Jordan Valley is the territory through which the Jordan River flows, in its stretch between Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) and the Dead Sea. This is the northern part of Jordan, where it serves as a border with Israel. But the most important thing from a tourist point of view is that it concentrates some of the most interesting places in the country, not only because its landscapes are greener, but also because it houses cities and towns of enormous beauty and history. In addition, we include the place known as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, for its importance on a religious level: the exact point in the Jordan River where Jesus Christ was baptized.

This road has a north-south direction and runs parallel to the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, which in turn forms a border with Israel and the Palestinian Territories. It is a unique place not only for its beauty and its possibilities as a thermal destination, but also for being the lowest place in the world, with points below -400 meters above sea level. Its main areas of interest are on the shores of this large body of water.

As you can see on a map, it is a road that runs parallel to the Dead Sea and not too far (about 10 km as the crow flies at some points). However, between both roads there is a great difference in altitude, as they are separated by a long chain of hills of abrupt silhouettes. Therefore, this King’s road also has a north-south direction, and from it leave other roads to the west (direction Dead Sea, through small roads that follow the route of wadis or dry streams) and eastward (desert direction). This King’s Road runs along what is known as the Jordan Highlands, which in its central section concentrates some of the best tourist sites in Jordan, such as:

Amman is the capital and most populous city in the country. And for that reason, it deserves its own chapter in this section on the tourist sites of Jordan. All our circuits pass through here, since it is the great gateway to and from the country. But in addition, its numerous attractions justify a visit to it, either in panoramic mode or in detail. Its roots go back to Roman times, although its main monuments and its daily heartbeat are distinctly Islamic, without renouncing a modern touch that is liked among the new generations. In addition, Amman is usually used as a place from which to make nearby excursions, as they direct them to the north of the country (Jerash, Ajloun).

Petra does not need a letter of introduction: it is a place known to everyone, especially since the film Indiana Jones immortalized its main spaces. Therefore, it is one of the great goals of our circuits. We usually dedicate one or several days to it, since its attractions are distributed not only by Petra, capital of the ancient Nabataeans, but also by the nearby Al Beida, also known as Little Petra for its surprising similarity with its ‘older sister’.

Some of the Best Tourist Sites in Jordan they are further south of Petra. Here, the desert takes on its most spectacular and surprising aspect, especially in Wadi Rum. And on the edge of the country, overlooking the Red Sea, awaits the city of Aqaba, on whose shores is hidden one of the great attractions for travelers: its colorful fish and corals, which make this destination one of the most requested for snorkeling and diving.

Eastern Jordan is undoubtedly one of the least explored areas of the country, perhaps because the basalt rock desert is unforgiving here, with sparse populations and natural oases. But there are some surprising attractions that will please, and much, lovers of history and art. Above all, thanks to the so-called ‘desert castles’, built centuries ago at what was a lively crossroads between Baghdad, Jerusalem, Syria and Arabia. These are the most outstanding destinations:



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