Boat ride in Aqaba: to enjoy the beauty of the sea and its surroundings

The coastal area of Jordan is small, but has a lot to offer. One of the most interesting activities is undoubtedly a boat ride in Aqaba, which can be done in several ways. On this page, we’ll tell you what the possibilities are and give you more details if you’re planning to add this experience to your Jordan travel package.

What a boat ride in Aqaba consists of

Generally, two types of boat rides can be taken in Aqaba: the ‘classic’ onboard small private boats or yachts, and those with a glass bottom.

A yacht ride is usually a service that can be collective (with individual tickets in the company of other travelers) or private (as a rental, with or without a skipper, depending on the licenses available to the user). This service can be contracted simply to enjoy a ride on the sea, although many of the users who book a boat do so because they are expert divers and want to move to specific dive spots.

On the other hand, a boat ride with a glass bottom is a different type of journey: they are special boats with a transparent hull that, sailing at a moderate speed, allows the passenger to observe the seabed, whether to contemplate coral reefs, colorful fish or even sunken ships. Therefore, it is an ideal option for those who cannot or do not want to practice diving. However, these rides can also provide a brief immersion in the water, with life jackets if necessary, with the aim of allowing the passenger who wishes to do so to have a minimal snorkeling experience.

Where to start the ride and where to navigate

Boat rides in Aqaba can be taken from any of the city’s marinas or their surroundings: both the marina in the urban area and those located to the north and south, where holiday resorts and other maritime leisure facilities are located.

Boat rides with a glass bottom usually depart from the city’s marina, located next to the Aqaba Fort, while private leisure boats are usually moored in the other marinas, such as Tala Bay, south of the city.

The duration of the rides is variable and depends on the route taken. Generally, they last two or three hours, without venturing too far from the Jordanian coast. However, it is also possible to hire a longer private service, which may reach Egyptian waters or even disembark at certain points on their territory, such as Pharaoh’s Island. In that case, a special reservation that includes the visa and all bureaucratic procedures that may be required by this country is mandatory.

What boat rides include and more details

The services included in a boat ride in Aqaba depend on the chosen mode: with a glass bottom or private yacht. In the first case, the journey usually lasts about two hours and may include a refreshment or drink. On the other hand, private yacht rides offer greater flexibility regarding the contracted service. In many of them, lunch is included, since the journey can be longer.

In any case, to learn more details about boat rides from Aqaba, we suggest you contact us: we will inform you about costs, services included in each option, and indicate how to integrate it into your Jordan travel package.



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