Do you have doubts?

It’s natural to have doubts and concerns when you’re in the planning stages or about to embark on a trip to Jordan. At Jordania Exclusiva, we are committed to facilitating your experience when browsing our website. Below, we provide a compendium of answers to the most common questions that could arise during your navigation, booking process and hiring.

However, if you prefer more personalized guidance, we invite you to contact one of our expert advisors using the contact numbers provided at the bottom of this page.


At Jordania Exclusiva, we specialize in providing unique and personalized experiences to our customers. Our team of local experts will help you discover the best of Jordan, beyond the traditional tourist routes. Our goal is to make sure every trip is memorable, comfortable and safe.

Private trips offer you the opportunity to have a personalized and flexible itinerary, adapted to your interests and preferences. You’ll have a vehicle and guide at your disposal, allowing you to explore at your own pace. On regular trips, you will travel in a group with other tourists. They are a more affordable option and a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and authenticity. Our guides are local experts who will give you a unique insight into Jordan’s culture, history and landscapes. In addition, we strive to offer the best customer service, supporting you before, during and after your trip.

The booking process with Jordania Exclusiva is simple and secure. Once you have chosen your trip, we will ask you for a 20% down payment to formalize the reservation. The remaining 80% can be paid once you arrive in Jordan, either in cash, by card or by bank transfer.

Our travel packages are comprehensive and include accommodation, transfers, visits to the highlights with expert guides, and in many cases, some meals. The specific details will vary depending on the package you choose.

Yes, it is completely safe. Jordania Exclusiva is a reliable and accredited travel agency. Your down payment allows us to guarantee your bookings and make sure everything is ready for your arrival.

Absolutely. At Jordania Exclusiva, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize trips according to our clients’ needs and interests. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Bedouin camps in the desert. Our goal is to provide the best comfort and authenticity in all our accommodation options.

We understand that unforeseen events may arise. Our cancellation policy is as flexible as possible and is designed to minimize any cost to you. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you need to change your travel plans. You can see in our General Conditions section of our website the cancellation policies where the management and cancellation fees are specified.

The safety of our customers is our top priority. We follow strict safety protocols and are in constant communication with local authorities to ensure our trips are safe and hassle-free.

Our tours do not include travel insurance. We believe in giving our customers the flexibility to choose the coverage that best suits their needs. However, we offer the option of taking out travel insurance as an extra. You can take out this insurance on your own or through us, as you prefer. Remember, having travel insurance is very important to protect you from any unforeseen event that may arise during your trip.

Jordania Exclusiva is a brand of Mandala Tours S.L., a Spanish travel agency duly certified and licensed to operate in the tourism sector. We are a Retail/Wholesale travel agency with license C.I.AN-187782-3 registered in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

We are proud to have the necessary certifications and licenses to offer our services legally and safely. This gives our clients the confidence that they are dealing with an established travel agency and that it complies with all legal requirements and regulations of the sector.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional travel experiences and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. By choosing Jordania Exclusiva, you can rest assured that you are trusting a travel agency with a solid reputation and operating in accordance with the standards of quality and professionalism set by the competent authorities.

If you have any other questions related to our certifications or licenses, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need.

Our tours are suitable for most fitness levels, as most activities are moderate. However, some tours may include hiking, mountaineering, or activities that require a higher level of physical exertion. Please refer to the tour description or contact us if you have any concerns.

We accept various forms of payment for the maximum convenience of our customers. You can make your initial payment and the rest of the payment in cash, credit card or by bank transfer.

Yes, we offer private tours that are designed to suit your interests and schedule. On a private tour, you’ll have a guide and transportation just for you and your group. This gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace and customize your itinerary to your interests.

This may vary depending on the time of year and the nature of your trip. However, we recommend bringing comfortable and light clothing, a hat to protect you from the sun, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, a jacket or sweater for cool nights, and a bathing suit if you plan to visit the Dead Sea or Aqaba.

At Jordania Exclusiva, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers. In case of emergency, our guides are trained to handle the situation efficiently and professionally. In addition, we maintain a helpline open 24/7 for any queries or urgent needs that may arise during your trip.

We are happy to inform you that the cost of our tours and circuits is detailed in euros (€), by virtue of the fact that our organization is headquartered in Spain and, therefore, we carry out our financial operations in this currency.

For our esteemed clients who reside in any other country outside the Eurozone and operate in a different currency, they can calculate the price of our services in their own currency using an online conversion service such as https://www.xe.com/. This site provides up-to-date information on exchange rates, however, we remind you that these amounts may vary frequently due to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

In relation to the payment process, if your currency is not the euro, you can make the payment with your credit or debit card, or by bank transfer. In both situations, you will only need to specify the amount in euros of the tour you are interested in.

If you prefer the bank transfer option, you should know that our account operates in euros. When you make the transfer, your bank will apply an internal conversion and we will receive the balance in euros, while you will be deducted the equivalent in your local currency. Please note that you will be responsible for any bank fees for the transfer.

If you decide to pay by card, both when making the reservation deposit and when completing the remaining payment, the card payment fees must be added, which currently are: 1.4% for cards issued outside Europe and 0.30% for European cards.

This currency conversion procedure is a transparent service for you, where your bank will take care of converting and debiting the equivalent amount in your local currency, ensuring as convenient and simple a shopping experience as possible.


Yes, most visitors will need a visa to enter Jordan. However, tourists from some countries can get a visa on arrival. We recommend that you check with your nearest Jordanian embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information. If you are going to travel with Jordania Exclusiva our advisors will help you with this information and its process.

Jordan is generally a safe country for travelers. However, it is always important to stay alert, especially in crowded places, and follow the recommendations of local authorities and the state department of your country.

The official currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). It is recommended to have some amount of this currency for small purchases and tips. In major cities, credit cards are widely accepted.

Some of the most popular attractions include Petra, the ancient pink stone city, the desert of Wadi Rum, the Roman city of Jerash, the Dead Sea, and the capital, Amman.

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are considered the best times to visit Jordan, when temperatures are most pleasant. However, Jordan can be visited all year round.

The official language of Jordan is Arabic. However, English is quite spoken, especially in urban areas and tourist spots. Even so, learning some basic Arabic words can enrich your cultural experience.

Jordanian cuisine is diverse and delicious. One of the most famous dishes is Mansaf, a dish of lamb cooked in a fermented yogurt sauce and served with rice. Also popular are mezzes, a variety of small dishes served at the start of main meals, similar to Spanish tapas. As for drinks, peppermint tea is a very popular choice.

Jordan is a country with a rich culture and deep-rooted traditions. It’s important to remember to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. Visitors are expected to respect local customs, including refraining from public displays of affection and avoiding photographs of people without their consent.

While it is not mandatory to have travel insurance to enter Jordan, it is highly recommended. Good travel insurance can protect you from unexpected costs due to illness, accidents, lost luggage, cancellations, among others.

Major cities and resorts in Jordan generally have good mobile phone and internet coverage. Hotels, restaurants and cafes usually offer free Wi-Fi. It is possible to purchase a local SIM card to access mobile data.

At Jordania Exclusiva, we are here to help you plan an unforgettable trip. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Jordan uses plugs of type C, D, F, G and J. The electric current is 230V and the frequency is 50Hz. You may need a travel adapter if your devices use a different type of plug.

There are no mandatory vaccinations to enter Jordan, unless you come from a region with a risk of yellow fever. However, it is recommended to be up to date with standard vaccines such as tetanus, diphtheria, measles, and hepatitis A and B. It is advisable to consult a health professional before your trip for personalized recommendations.

Yes, Jordan is a quintessential family destination. It has numerous attractions that are interesting and educational for children, such as the ancient city of Petra, the desert castles and the coral reefs of the Red Sea in Aqaba. In addition, Jordanians are known for their hospitality and love for children, which makes families feel especially welcome.

Although tap water in Jordan is treated, most visitors prefer to drink bottled water to avoid any stomach problems. It is always a good idea to check if the water is drinkable in the place where you are staying.

Yes, definitely. Jordanian cuisine has many options for vegetarians and vegans. Dishes such as hummus, falafel, tabouleh, and baba ganoush are plant-based. However, we recommend you always check with restaurants and let your dietary needs know.

In Jordan, it is common to tip for good service. In restaurants, it is customary to leave about 10% of the total bill. It is also customary to tip tour guides, taxi drivers and hotel staff.



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