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Combined tours of Jordan and other countries

Israel and Egypt are not the only countries we can take you to on our combined tours with Jordan. It is true that in these two cases, the package becomes a very natural proposal, due to proximity and air communications, but there are other destinations that you can value and that our agency knows inside out. In all cases, they are countries that have a certain affinity with Jordan, so that the trip will keep all its meaning. We present them to you below and you decide how to enrich your trip, in case you don’t have enough with Jordan.

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What other countries lend themselves to these combined tours with Jordan?

If you’re travelling from afar, the combined tours of JordaniNot only do they allow you to expand the list of places to visit, but they also delve into the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa regions. In most cases, they are countries with Arab roots (with some exceptions), but with interesting variants and nuances. Only by touring the country and coming into contact with the locals, such as our guides and drivers, will you be able to reach that level of knowledge.

Combined tours of Jordan and Morocco

Combined tours of Jordan and Morocco take you to this Maghreb country, full of attractions for all types of tourists. Although it is a relatively remote place, air connections are varied, thanks to flights with a stopover in cities such as Istanbul or Cairo, thus connecting Amman Queen Alia airport with those of Casablanca or Marrakech, mainly. These journeys take approximately 10 hours, which are made halfway through the circuit, with the assistance of our agency’s staff both at origin and destination.

In Morocco, you’ll find former imperial capitals with historic medinas, towering monuments, and souks teeming with life. This is the case of the cities of Fez, Marrakech and Rabat, all of which are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. That title is also held by other smaller cities such as Meknes or Tetouan, and the most picturesque Berber fortresses, such as Ait Ben Haddou. The dunes of fine golden sand will provide an interesting counterpoint to the Jordanian desert, and the ancient Portuguese cities of the Atlantic (Essaouira, Asilah) will surprise with their beauty, as will the blue village of Chaouen or the Roman ruins of Volubilis.

Jordan & Dubai Combo Tours

The United Arab Emirates is another country where our agency deploys its premium services. Especially in Dubai, which can be an interesting complement to a combined circuit with Jordan. It is a destination that symbolizes like no other modern luxury and the feats that the architecture of our time can make a reality. With direct flights between Amman Queen Alia Airport and Dubai Airport, which take around 3 hours, you’ll be able to swap Jordan’s flourishing past for the opulent present of this emirate, capable of offering truly premium experiences.

The skyscrapers of Burj el Khalifa and Burj Al Arab symbolize the dizzying growth of this destination. Luxury shopping malls meet the expectations of the most discerning travelers, such as the Mall of the Emirates. And urban developments such as the Palm Jumeirah (an artificial island built in the shape of a palm tree) make dreams come true that seemed impossible, such as building on water and composing works of art designed to be seen from the sky, from a bird’s eye view or from a satellite. In addition, there is another Dubai that is older and less known and, perhaps for that reason, no less interesting and surprising, as you will discover in all our circuits combined by Jordan and this emirate.

Combined tours of Jordan and Turkey

Take a combined tour of Jordan and Turkey is very enriching: despite being Muslim countries, the culture of both has interesting divergences. While Jordan is an Arab republic, Turkey is based on the former Ottoman Empire… from which Jordan gained independence in the famous Arab Revolt of 1917, with Lawrence of Arabia among the most prominent protagonists. Turkey, moreover, is torn between European and Arab influence, taking aspects of both worlds to enrich its culture… and enrich that of those who visit it.

However, the most observant travellers will be able to find common ground from the past, such as archaeological remains from the Greco-Roman or Byzantine periods (Jerash, Izmir…). In addition, in matters such as gastronomy, the similarities match the differences. But above all, adding Turkey to a combined circuit with Jordan It will be a unique opportunity to get to know essential destinations for every great traveler. This is the case of the exciting Istanbul, which looks eternally out over the Bosphorus Strait, with its fairytale bazaars and imposing mosques, especially those with Byzantine roots. And the same goes for nature’s quirks, such as the unmistakable Cappadocia, with its fairy chimneys, which the lucky ones will be able to see from the sky in hot air balloons.

As you can see, Morocco, Dubai and Turkey are interesting alternatives to Egypt and Israel if you are looking for a combined tour of Jordan and another country that enriches the route. Put yourself in the hands of our agency to design the program and to hire the premium services to enjoy in each destination: from accommodation to transport, gastronomy and leisure. Our staff, who are based in these countries, and our network of trusted suppliers will make the travel experience a success.

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