How to Get Around Jordan

The different means of transport

The question of how to get around Jordan It should be central to your trip planning. Although the country is not too big, the main points of interest are located in very different areas, and you will need to move from one to another comfortably, quickly and efficiently. Therefore, on this page we show you what the existing means are, and we anticipate that the best option is always private transport.

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How to get around Jordan by plane

The plane is a quick solution to travel from the capital Amman to the Red Sea, since the country only has two airports and, therefore, there is only one national air route:

  • Amman: Queen Alia International Airport
  • Aqaba: King Hussein International Airport

Therefore, there are not many companies that operate this air route. Only two:

  • Royal Jordan, which is the national company. It usually offers several flights a day
  • Royal Wings, which is a subsidiary of the former and can provide private charter flights
Bus transport in Jordan

How to get around Jordan by train

There is practically no way to get around Jordan by train: the country does not have a railway network as such, but only a line connecting Amman with the Syrian border in the north. In fact, it was a line built in times of the Ottoman Empire, at the beginning of the twentieth century, replacing the ancestral caravan route between Damascus and the cities of Medina and Mecca, and which was later used to transport weapons of war in subsequent wars.

Therefore, it is not a means of transport used by foreign tourists, since it does not connect the capital with the great places of interest in the country. The company operating this line is Hedjaz Jordan Railway. There is another railway company in the south, Aqaba Railway, but it does not transport passengers, but only goods. However, the government is planning an expansion of the network to improve rail connections in Jordan.

How to Get Around Jordan by Bus

The bus itself is a more realistic solution to the question of how to get around Jordan. And virtually all transport options go through the company JETT, which offers what is known as a ‘tourist bus’: a service aimed at travelers who want to move between cities and know the main points of interest in the country. This company has deployed an extensive network of routes, which extends practically throughout the Jordanian geography.

This is the list of cities and places of interest covered by the company:

  • Amman
  • Aqaba
  • Tabarboor
  • Irbid
  • Abdali
  • Petra
  • Wehdat
  • Zarqa
  • Dead Sea
  • Ma’an
  • Wadi Rum

The city bus in Jordan

Another bus service is the urban one. This type of collective vehicles are available in the two large cities, Amman and Irbid, with a more or less standardized service in terms of schedules and frequency. They are the cleanest, safest and most comfortable, with the possibility of paying by card. In the capital, this service has 27 lines.

In addition, there is another modality widely used by the local population: the minibus. Although they have pre-established routes to reach the different neighborhoods, they do not guarantee fixed schedules and frequencies: they leave when they are full. Tickets are purchased on the bus itself. You can conceive it as a cultural experience to know the uses and modes of mobility of the local population, but not as a solution for your displacements in a tourist circuit.

Getting around Jordan by car

How to get around Jordan by car

More independent travelers can choose to move around Jordan by car. To do this, the most practical thing is to rent a vehicle in one of the offices of rent a car

, which are present in large cities and in the main transport infrastructures, such as the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

In that case, extreme precautions are recommended: although the general condition of the roads is acceptable, the signage can be incomplete and confusing, as it is usually in English but with transcripts that can lead to misunderstandings.

Other general recommendations include:

  • Carry the tank with sufficient gasoline load, as gas stations are not abundant in certain areas of the country
  • Drive with patience and attention, because driving habits are different: for example, performing maneuvers by prohibited direction is not uncommon
  • It is relatively common for herds of goats to block the road in their transit, or even for camels to cross the road in desert areas.
Taxi Transport Jordan

The taxi, a valid option in Jordan?

Taxi is a good transport solution in the country: they are plentiful and their price is quite affordable. There are actually two types of taxis:

  • White taxis: they are shared or collective taxis, that is, they can be used on the same route with other travelers, since they usually have pre-established routes. For this reason, they are the most used by the local population. Normally they do not leave until they are full, but there is always the possibility of paying the extra places that are free so as not to have to wait. Women, whether Jordanian or foreign, usually go in the back. Its price is always higher than that of a minibus
  • Yellow taxis: they are private taxis, that is, their journeys are not shared with other people. In cities like Amman, these vehicles are metered and operational 24 hours a day. However, you can also negotiate a price with the taxi driver, especially for long journeys outside the city.

In addition to these two ‘classic’ types of taxi, there are also other more current options, such as getting around Jordan in Uber: This multinational company is licensed to operate in the country. Another alternative is Careem, an app that connects passengers and drivers, who offer their vehicle for shared trips.

Private transport, the best option

Despite the options listed above, there’s nothing like getting around Jordan In private transport: especially for its comfort, speed and availability. If you already know what the route of your circuit will be, it is highly recommended to book private transport services in advance to avoid surprises and, above all, to optimize the time on your trip to the maximum.

In this sense, Jordania Exclusiva can provide private transportation with driver in your language, in services as varied and important as airport transfers, travel between tourist destinations or journeys within the same city, if you wish. Contact us and we will inform you of how to get around Jordan In our vehicles, what is their number of seats. its cost and any other details of interest.

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