Northern Jordan

Northern Jordan: Highlights of the Area

Northern Jordan is a fascinating region known for its history and nature. Its proximity to the capital, Amman, makes it an ideal day trip destination for travelers. In this section, we have gathered practical information and highlighted the top tourist sites in Northern Jordan, which are often included in our country-wide itineraries.

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What is Northern Jordan

Northern Jordan is a relatively small area that encompasses the territory between Amman and the northern borders of the country. These borders follow the courses of two rivers: the Yarmouk, which marks the border with Syria and Israel, and the Jordan, which establishes the boundary with Israel and the Palestinian Territories (West Bank).

Northern Jordan is environmentally interesting due to its Mediterranean climate, which influences the landscape, making it greener and more fertile compared to the rest of the country, which is much more desert and arid. It is no coincidence that this area has the highest population density, with some of the largest cities concentrated here, especially Irbid, the second largest in terms of population.

It is also not a coincidence that the major Hellenistic and Semitic cities were established here, later becoming Roman, forming the so-called Decapolis that marked the eastern edge of the Roman Empire. Furthermore, the northern region of present-day Jordan was a highly contested area between the Crusaders and Muslim powers that dominated the region (Ayyubids, Mamluks, and later, Ottomans).

To appreciate all of this, one simply needs to visit the main points of interest in Northern Jordan, which are related to these historical episodes and the forest reserves that have been created here for environmental conservation.

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What to see in Northern Jordan

These are the most prominent tourist sites in Northern Jordan. You can easily reach them with the help of our agency, either as part of a scheduled tour or as a private excursion for one or several days from Amman


Often referred to as the ‘Pompeii of the East’, it is one of the most spectacular sites in Northern Jordan, thanks to its well-preserved Roman remains. It was the city known as Gerasa, which reached great splendor as evidenced by its surviving monuments: the Arch of Hadrian, the Hippodrome, the Oval Plaza, the Temple of Artemis, and its theaters, among others. Its archaeological park occupies a compact and walkable space that is also inspiring and transports the traveler back in time.


It is the other major tourist site in Northern Jordan, mainly thanks to its castle, located on Mount Ajloun at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. It was built in the 12th century as a defensive system against the Crusaders, allowing visitors to learn about a crucial period in Jordan’s history. In addition to its evocative and well-preserved structure, what will captivate visitors are the panoramic views of the surrounding area, with green hills reminiscent of the Mediterranean. In fact, a Forest Reserve of great environmental interest is located in these hills.

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