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Cooking Classes in Madaba: Learn to Savor the Best Jordanian Cuisine

As we tell you on this
page about Jordanian
cuisine, the country’s cuisine is a tourist attraction. The vast majority of visitors know and admire it in the most usual way: tasting it in local restaurants. But some tourists also choose to enjoy it in another more intense way: learning first-hand how to prepare their dishes. If that is your case, here we present an interesting activity: the
Cooking Classes in Madaba. Take note of what it is and where to carry it out.

What are the cooking classes in Madaba

Cooking classes in Madaba, aimed mainly at foreign tourists, have a variable duration, usually two hours or more. They are designed in the manner of
Master classes
, where a cook explains to attendees how certain dishes of Arab cuisine are prepared.

But in addition, the participants cook the recipe themselves to be prepared, becoming an interactive and entertaining activity. And of course, each person can taste the delicious food at the end of the session, so it is an interesting alternative to a ‘standard’ lunch or dinner.

During these cooking classes in Madaba, the suppliers of the activity provide all the material and all the necessary ingredients for cooking the dish, which can be both sweet and salty. These elaborations depend on the day, the season and the supplier itself, although some of the most common delicacies in these classes are: Makloubeh, Mensaf, Fasoliyeh, Bazelleh or Baba Ganoush.

Where to receive classes

Madaba is a great city to receive cooking classes in Jordan. It is a city located in the heart of the country, where Arab traditions remain in force and are preserved with care, but where you can also appreciate an atmosphere of great tolerance and cultural interrelation. Not surprisingly, it is the city where the proportion of
Christian citizens
is greatest.

Our agency has providers of this service. And unlike other schools that teach cooking classes in Jordan, here professionalism is mixed with everyday life and closeness in the treatment. Regardless of the experience and good work of the chef, during your activity you will breathe a pleasant and homemade atmosphere, which will bring the traveler not only to the gastronomy of the country but also to the way of being and living of the Jordanian people.

What the classes include and more details

A cooking class in Madaba Not only does it consist of the explanations of a cook or cook expert in the field, but also includes the ingredients and utensils that participants must use in the large kitchen of the classroom or restaurant. Depending on the flexibility of the supplier, other additional details can also be planned, such as the experience of going to a local market to buy the fresh genre that will be cooked during the class.

Jordania Exclusiva can take care of all the details, even those that are not directly related to the classes, such as the displacement by private transport to the place of the activity. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to consult the price per person or group of these cooking classes in Madaba, as well as to answer any other questions.



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