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Wadi Rum Balloon Trip: Discover this fascinating activity

Sailing through the skies is always a special experience. But flying in balloon in Wadi Rum, it is even more so. And with Jordania Exclusiva you can easily book it, since we can add this activity to your travel package. In this post we tell you what it is, where it is done and other details of interest.

What is a balloon trip in Wadi Rum

Balloon trips in Wadi Rum are one of the many activities that can be done in this nature reserve (
like camel rides
), and represent a different and fascinating way to get to know this protected area of 72,000 hectares: from the sky, the traveler truly realizes the magnitude and magnetism of this space, although it seems that the mountains that make up the landscape are transformed into a children’s set. Only in this way can you admire all the chromatic nuances of space and the capricious natural accidents that characterize this place.

Usually a balloon flight in Wadi Rum It usually lasts about an hour, although in reality you will dedicate several more hours to the activity: from the moment of the meeting at an agreed point until the return to the same point. This is because the take-off takes place in a particularly flat and open place, ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and usually outside the protected enclosure, where it is only possible to reach by off-road.

A very important detail that you should know is that it is an activity totally dependent on weather conditions. In Wadi Rum, the weather is usually stable and clear, but on certain times of the year sandstorms can form or winds that are too intense that make it impossible to fly in a hot air balloon. Therefore, the activity can be booked in advance but will only be confirmed one or several days before take-off.

Where the activity takes place

Balloon trips in Wadi Rum They fly over this nature reserve, but their take-off and landing point is not usually within their protected enclosure. Depending on the selected provider, a comfortable meeting place will be set up for participants, which they can access in a normal vehicle, for example in surrounding towns such as Shakaria or in the visitor reception center.

In any case, accommodation in the Bedouin camps of Wadi Rum is always a good option, since it will be relatively close to the meeting point, from where transfer services are often offered.

What's included in the experience and more details

The prices of a balloon trip in Wadi Rum They are charged per person, for which it is usually necessary to reach a minimum of participants, or that they assume the total cost of the flight to do it privately. To be able to get on board you must be over 16 years old.

To fly, you have to follow fundamental safety rules, which are clearly explained before takeoff. It is advisable to wear warm clothes, especially in the non-summer months, since the activity is usually carried out early in the morning when the temperature is lower, to which we must add the cold and wind of the environment in height.

Jordania Exclusiva can take care of booking this activity and include it in the travel package, as we have trusted suppliers who organize these flight trips in Wadi Rum. In addition, we can take care of planning related details, such as accommodation in the nature reserve, private transport to/from the meeting point and hiring photography and video services to immortalize this unique moment, among other examples.



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