Jordan Tours: Discover our catalog of trips with different durations and routes.

Jordan Tours: Discover our catalog of trips with different durations and routes. What would be your perfect tour of Jordan? A combination of culture and nature, with time for relaxation and adventure activities? An express getaway as part of a larger tour combined with Israel? A travel plan where you have free time to rest on the final days? Whatever option you have in mind, our agency can offer it to you, either as a package tour or as a tailor-made trip. Discover our catalog here and take note of everything we can provide.

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Jordan Tours: 5+ Day Packages for Unforgettable Experiences

Jordan is a country that one could easily dedicate several weeks or even months to explore. However, the time available to travelers largely determines the route they can choose. That’s why our catalog of circuits in Jordan includes proposals starting from just 5 days for those who can only make a lightning trip, but also others lasting a week for those who can afford a more in-depth circuit.

What these circuits in Jordan have in common is that their itinerary takes place entirely within Jordanian territory, without reaching any of its neighboring countries. This not only simplifies the bureaucratic procedures of the trip (which Jordan greatly simplifies, by the way), but also allows you to focus on all aspects of local culture and history.









Extensions to extend the tour

The concept of ‘extension’ works very well in Jordan tours. It’s a way to extend the tour for a few more days than initially planned, with a pre-established itinerary and services, which greatly facilitates arrangements.

This option also allows for adding places and activities that best fit each tourist’s profile. In this sense, religious extensions stand out for those who want to take advantage of the proximity to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and thus visit the most significant places for Jews and Christians.

Another common option is the vacation extension, intended for relaxation. This often happens with sun and beach destinations, such as those in the Red Sea or the Mediterranean (Israel), as well as on the Jordanian and Israeli shores of the Dead Sea.

But there are other possible extensions, focused on desert experiences or other routes for those with very specific interests in their Jordan tour, especially in less-known areas or on second trips to the country.

Jordan tours combined with Israel

As expected, the proximity of Israel is a significant factor, which is why we offer numerous Jordan tours combined with Israel. This way, the travel plan can be extended up to two weeks in many cases, as tourist destinations in the Holy Land are numerous and very interesting.

These include Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Acre, Jericho, among many others. And of course, Jerusalem, the most sacred city for Jews and Christians, and also a city of great importance for Muslims. The good news is that all these places, and many others, are very close to each other, making it easy to create routes to visit several of them in a day.

Additionally, you can ask us for information about other possible combined tours from Jordan: our agency has similar projects in other Arab countries, such as Morocco or Egypt, so we can add iconic destinations like the Pyramids of Giza or Marrakech in a grand tour with international flights.

Jordan tours combined with Egypt

Due to their proximity and cultural affinity, combined trips to Jordan and Egypt are one of our agency’s star proposals. These are two countries that can be considered equals in terms of historical monuments, natural beauty, and professionalism in tourist services, as this sector is strategic for both.

If you decide to immerse yourself in the land of the pharaohs during your trip, you will find World Heritage sites such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, or the temples of Abu Simbel by Lake Nasser. But you will also find a desert that hides fascinating secrets in the form of rocky landscapes and refreshing oases, such as Siwa or Bahariya.

Spirituality and religion are also tourist attractions in sacred places such as Mount Sinai or the monasteries of Wadi Natrun. And in addition, the sun and beach tourism has reached really high levels here, with sophisticated resorts on the Red Sea (Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheij, Marsa Alam, Dahab) and the Mediterranean Sea (Marsa Matruh).

And of course, the Nile River is an attraction in itself, especially when it is traveled aboard a cruise from Aswan to Luxor in Upper Egypt, as it was in the time of the pharaohs. Large motor ships or small sailing dahabiyas are the two possible options, and in both cases, luxury and comfort make the difference.

Tailor-made Jordan Tours: Customized Experiences for Unforgettable Journeys

If you want to hire a Jordan circuit that already has its route and pre-set services, the options we offer here are the best solution. However, if you want to design a customized route and travel conditions, you can also contact us.

Of course, our experience and contacts will serve as a basis for a personalized proposal, but we can add activities and variations that perhaps were not initially contemplated: from Amman-Aqaba air connections or international flights to/from the latter airport, to excursions outside the catalog or premium services in the Dead Sea and Red Sea resorts, among other examples.

Whatever your dream trip is, we will offer you the Jordan circuit you deserve. Check the information and contact us to tell us about your idea.

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icono circuito Tours and trips

If you want to organize your trip based on your interests and not just your available time, we can offer you themed tours of Jordan. These are proposals that include the country’s most important destinations, but from a personalized and special approach. Take a look at the different possibilities and, if you have any other ideas, share them with us!

Viaje espiritual Tours and trips

Spiritual journey

The stillness of the desert and the mysticism that radiates from Jordan are perfect for finding oneself.

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Wellness Travel

Thanks to its waters and mineral-rich mud, the Dead Sea is one of the most prestigious spa destinations in the world. Discover it!

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Honeymoon trip

Can you think of a more romantic place to celebrate your new status as spouses? Jordan will unite you even more!

Viaje gastronomico Tours and trips

Food trip

The local cuisine is rich in flavors, aromas, colors, and other nuances. Delight your palate with this culinary tour.

Viaje fotografico Tours and trips

Photo trip

Every corner of Jordan hides a picture-worthy scene: virgin nature, everyday life, and other Instagram-worthy moments.

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New Year's Eve journey

If you have a few days off around New Year's Eve and want to visit a destination with pleasant weather...

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