This is the Aqaba Aquarium

As is the case in the great tourist destinations on the coast, a large aquarium in Aqaba could not be missing. This is the Aqaba Aquarium, which is actually part of the Marine Science Station Complex, an organization of the University of Jordan that aims to study and disseminate the marine ecosystem of the Red Sea. In this post we tell you what you need to know if you want to visit the aquarium, which is its most attractive space.

What is it and what to see at the Aqaba Aquarium

The Aqaba Aquarium is a large museum dedicated to the marine fauna of the Red Sea, which makes it a must-visit space for tourists in this city, especially those more interested in nature and biodiversity. It is located south of the city, on the road to the industrial port of Aqaba and the border with Saudi Arabia.

It should not be confused with other underwater museums, such as the Submarine Military Museum which, as we explain in this post, displays war material at the bottom of the sea and is therefore visited by immersion. It should also not be confused with the Aqaba Marine Park , which is a group of about 20 dive sites that are of special interest for their richness and biodiversity.

The building, which was recently built, is divided into several rooms. Some of them have display cases in which stuffed native marine species are exhibited. In others, there are aquariums where the species on display live in front of the eyes of visitors. The illumination of these aquariums and the clarity of the crystal clear waters that characterize this coastline help to make the contemplation perfect.

These last aquariums, without a doubt, are the ones that generate the most impact on visitors, especially for children. Among the large list of species on display are lionfish, parrotfish, turtles of different sizes, stonefish, starfish and even reef sharks. In addition, there is no shortage of corals from the Gulf of Aqaba, with their magical shapes and colors.

Another space that causes a sensation is that of the crocodiles, which live here in captivity, in an environment that combines terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. In all cases, aquariums and display cases have their corresponding information signs, with QR codes for further details.

Practical information about the Aqaba Aquarium

If you want to visit the Aqaba Aquarium, here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: South Beach Hwy, Aqaba, Jordan. About 10 km from the city centre
  • How to get there: The Aqaba Aquarium does not have train stations or bus stops nearby, so the best way to get there is by private vehicle. The journey usually takes about 15 minutes by road
  • Opening hours: open every day of the week, from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (check to confirm possible changes)
  • Ticket Price: The ticket is priced at 7 JOD (Jordanian dinars), although this price may be subject to specific upgrades or discounts
  • Contact phone: + 962 03 201 5144
  • Contact e-mail: [email protected]

For all these reasons, the Aqaba Aquarium is considered a magnificent complement for those who want to get to know the native marine fauna up close without the need for scuba diving. Or for those who, having done them, have not been able to spot these species in their natural habitat.

If you want to organize a visit to the Aqaba Aquarium, Jordania Exclusiva can include it in your travel package, providing a chauffeured vehicle for transportation. We may also consider hiring an expert professional who can provide more detailed information about the visit.

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