5 reasons to visit Aqaba

Thinking of visiting Aqaba? As you can see by looking at the map of Jordan, Aqaba is located in the extreme south of the country, separated from the rest of the country by a large desert, at the heart of which is the Wadi Rum nature reserve. That means that some circuits, especially those of shorter duration, do not reach here, for reasons of time. But if you have enough days to extend your trip to Jordan, integrating it into your route will be a wise decision. Here are 5 reasons to do it.

Visit Aqaba to cool off

Aqaba isJordan’s only outlet to the sea . So, except for the bathing areas of the Dead Sea (which are used for spa purposes), the beaches of this city will be your only option to enjoy a refreshing dip. Both the sandy areas located in the middle of the city (Intercontinental Beach, Kempinski Beach, Al-Ghandour Beach) and those located outside it, to the south (more virgin and rocky) will allow you to enjoy that epilogue of relaxation in the sun that is so popular in many circuits.

An alternative entry route

In the previous section we talked about Aqaba as a good end to the circuit, but in reality it can also be the beginning: in its vicinity King Hussein International Airport is located, which is the other international one in the country (the other is that of the capital, Amman Queen Alia). Therefore, although its range of flights is more limited, you may be able to organize your trip to access and leave Jordan here, which would integrate the city into your route. In addition, as we mentioned in the last section, there are ferries from Egypt (Nuweiba), which is another alternative entry to the country.

A way to get to know the marine wealth of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the richest seas in terms of underwater wealth. Its corals and its varied marine fauna are remarkable, so that is why numerous activities are organized for all audiences with which to publicize this wealth. There are many boat trips with transparent hulls that leave the port of the city, but snorkeling and diving courses are also organized. In addition, about 10 km from the center is the Aqaba Aquarium, the main enclosure of its kind in the whole country: in it you can see native and characteristic specimens of the Red Sea, with the only separation of a small crystal. Without a doubt, a very interesting option for those traveling with children.

A journey to the heart of the Arab Revolution

One of the most visible elements in the center of Aqaba is the large flag that flies on the city’s Fort. It is the flag of the Arab Revolution of 1917, precedent of the flag of the Hashemite Republic of Jordan, and points out the importance that this city had in that historical process that meant the end of the Ottoman domination in this territory. Therefore, visiting Aqaba is a good idea if you want to know more about that period, since references to it are abundant in this city.

A platform for a getaway to Egypt

If you are thinking about making a trip to the neighboring country of Egypt, especially to the Sinai Peninsula, Aqaba will be a good platform from which to do it. There are public ferries or private boat trips that depart from here and head to the city of Nuweiba or to the island of the Pharaoh, under Egyptian sovereignty. Therefore, if you do not have any visa restrictions to make this trip, you can sail the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba to visit this other country.

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