Panoramic viewpoints on the Dead Sea: the best

As we have been telling in this blog, the Dead Sea is one of the most attractive destinations in Jordan, largely because of its particular waters: floating on them or smearing yourself with its mud is a very special experience. But what if it was also worth contemplating from afar to admire its mythical silhouette? In this post we tell you which are the best panoramic viewpoints in the Dead Sea, which you can access by private vehicle during your stay at the resort of this destination.

Mount Nebo Viewpoint

It is the viewpoint par excellence, the most important not only for the views it offers but also for its history and symbolism. It is the place from which the prophet Moses saw the Promised Land, which was denied him because he doubted God. And very close to here, he died. Therefore, what now exists here is an enclosure with interpretation spaces, a church of Byzantine origin and a memorial. But above all, the magic is in looking at what this prophet once had in front of his eyes, with the Dead Sea in the foreground and Jerusalem in the background on clear days. In addition, this panoramic point is part of many of our tours in Jordan.

Viewpoint of Maqueronte

It is another viewpoint full of history and symbolism. It is located in the archaeological site corresponding to the castle-palace of Herod I the Great and his son Herod Antipas, and therefore, the place where John the Baptist was imprisoned, to later be beheaded at the instigation of Salome. Although its views over the Dead Sea are not privileged and you have to move away a little to see the body of water, the combination of history and landscape give great relevance to the place. In addition, the visit to the archaeological site is also of great interest.

Viewpoint of the Panorama Dead Sea Complex

This is one of the most relaxing panoramic viewpoints on the Dead Sea, since it is located within this complex of leisure, gastronomy and rest. From the terrace of its restaurant, the large salt lagoon that forms this sea appears in all its extension. If the vision is at sunset, the moment is even more magical, almost mystical. A similar panorama is enjoyed from the Octagon, which are eight-sided structures that serve as privileged accommodation for customers.

Viewpoints of Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a nature reserve in the middle of the Dead Sea: it is a spectacular canyon through which the stream of the same name runs, which gives rise to waterfalls and gorges of enormous beauty. Those who dare to make a hiking route here will find steep roads quite demanding at times, but the effort is rewarded: panoramic points from which to see the Dead Sea, its salt beaches and other corners of enormous natural beauty.

In addition, very close to here there are other viewpoints that, although they are not oriented to the Dead Sea, also offer surprising landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon towards the Mujib Dam. And surely the circuit will give you other privileged panoramic views, as our routes include Crusader castles and other monuments located at strategic heights, such as in the Wadi Rum desert.

As you can see, there are several panoramic viewpoints in the Dead Sea, which you can go to on your own or by road with our help. If you want to enjoy any of them, do not hesitate to tell our staff to adapt your route to it, as far as possible, if the program allows it.

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