Can you bathe in the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is one of the most special bodies of water in the world, which every traveler who comes to Jordan should know firsthand. But will you have to enjoy it only with the view or can you also bathe in the Dead Sea? In these lines we solve this doubt that assails many people.

Can you bathe in the Dead Sea?

Yes, you can bathe in the Dead Sea. But you should do it in the places conditioned for it, since not all the shore of this great body of water is composed precisely of beach sand: a good part of its perimeter is a shore of stone, rock or even fossilized salt.

Therefore, the famous images that you may have seen somewhere are real, in which a man or a woman lies peacefully while reading the newspaper, without it getting wet in the least. This is because the salinity level of this sea (which is actually an endorheic lake) is so high that bodies float effortlessly.

Dead Sea Jordan
Dead Sea Jordan

Where can you bathe in the Dead Sea?

To bathe in the Dead Sea you must go to one of the places enabled for it. In this sense, there are two options: public beaches and private beaches. But beware, that is not the same as “free beach” and “paid beach” because, in reality, they are all paid.

  • Public beach: these are beaches that can be accessed by anyone, upon payment of an approximate amount of 30 JOD (about 40 dollars). The most famous is probably Amman Beach and, in it, you will mix with the Jordanians themselves, since it is the option chosen by most local citizens to bathe in its waters.
  • Private beach: it is the beach that is within the grounds of a resort in the area. Its bathing area can only be accessed by customers who stay in them or who take out a special ticket, which is more expensive than that of the public beach, as their services are also of higher quality

A complementary option to bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea is to take a bath in its mud: the neighborhoods that are formed in this space have a very high level of salt and minerals, so that it has therapeutic and cosmetic properties highly valued by the industry and by users. That is why, surely, you will see many people smeared with mud all over their body.

Instead, what is not allowed in the Dead Sea is sailing. Its waters are not suitable for this and, in addition, the delicate state of conservation in which this body of water is located does not make it advisable.

As you can see, you can bathe in the Dead Sea, but the experience is not as simple as arriving and planting the umbrella. Therefore, we recommend you put yourself in the hands of an expert agency in the field, such as Jordania Exclusiva, and thus access this experience without surprises or surprises.

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