Jordanian sweets: 5 ways to treat yourself during your trip

On our gastronomy page, we take a look at the most famous dishes and the most popular drinks of this country. But we had one detail left to finish off the subject. Or rather, dessert: here we show you the tastiest Jordanian sweets so you can treat yourself during your trip.

Knafeh or kunafeh

It is one of the most popular Jordanian sweets. It is a cake made with semolina spun dough and butter, coated in syrup and sometimes, with grated pistachio. But without a doubt, its most distinctive element is the cream cheese (in some cases mozzarella is used) that leaves us with a very suggestive image: the threads of cheese that emerge after cutting a piece or biting into it. As it is a round and large cake, it is usually cut into portions or ordered by weight. It is quite common to serve it as a dessert on a menu at lunch, or to buy it in a pastry shop.


It is a sweet that Jordanian gastronomy has in common with many other Arab countries and the Mediterranean Levant. In fact, it is likely that its origin is Turkish. But the important thing for those who visit this country is that you can find it everywhere. They are small bites of puff pastry-like phyllo pastry (a top layer, a bottom layer, and sometimes, thin middle layers). As a filling, nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistachios…). And coating everything, a good dose of syrup. It is also common to eat it as a dessert after a meal, or with a coffee or as a breakfast sweet. Another option is to buy it at the bakery, in boxes made with different varieties.


It can be compared to what is known as buñuelo in Spain and Latin American countries. Therefore, it is a fried dessert, composed of semolina and wheat flour and bathed in sugar syrup. They are easily recognizable because they are fried in olive oil in a spiral shape. Depending on how it is made, flavours and aromas such as lemon juice or cardamom can be perceived. It is most commonly eaten on the Arab New Year, but in many places it is made all year round.


It is another sweet shared with other Arab countries, for example with the Syrians, in whose country it is also very popular. It is actually an ice cream with an extremely elastic and rubbery texture, almost like chewing gum, which makes it unmistakable. Among its many flavors is orchid extract. In all cases, its taste is really sweet, but no less refreshing. That’s why it’s one of the favorite bites for those times when the heat is hot… which are many.


It is closely linked to booza, as it is often offered as an accompaniment to this ice cream. In this case, it is an equally sweet bite , due to the syrup that covers this cupcake. Its filling is made from creamy cheese, but its dough is made of fine flour fried in oil, so its appearance may be reminiscent of fritters. In this case it is not only taken in other Arab countries, but also in neighboring Israel.

As you can see, Jordanian sweets have a lot in common with the countries around them, but you will always find differences that make them unique. If you want to taste any of these dishes during your trip, do not hesitate to ask our staff to advise you on where to do it, either in a restaurant or in a pastry shop. This is the only way you will have a full cultural experience in Jordan… or even back home, if you learn how to make these cakes.

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