What are the rock bridges of Wadi Rum?

In its 72,000 hectares of land, the Wadi Rum Desert It houses countless points of interest: mountains, archaeological sites, Related corners of Lawrence of Arabia, sand dunes, canyons… But without a doubt, the rock bridges of Wadi Rum arouse a special fascination, because their mere existence supposes A challenge to the laws of gravity. In this article we tell you why they are formed and what are the natural phenomena in the form of an arc present in the reserve, which generate so much admiration (and so many photographs).

Why these rock bridges have formed

Wadi Rum rock bridges are the result of millions of years of differential wind erosion, that is: the wind, with particles of sand in suspension, has been wearing away the rocks present in this place, but it has not done so homogeneously, but the sandstone (softer) has been removed at a greater rate, leaving the granite rock (harder) as a structural element of these unique arches.

The 4 rock bridges of Wadi Rum

Four are the main rock bridges of Wadi Rum, although they are not the only ones scattered throughout their vast expanse of terrain. Below we show them, one by one.


It is probably the most famous, being the tallest of them all: from the top to the ground there is a distance of 80 meters. In addition, it has a large width (about 20 meters) and the rock that joins the two ends is relatively thin compared to the other blocks. All this makes it a simply spectacular space.

Um Fruth

It is one of the rock bridges least frequented by visitors, due to the distance from the central camp (more than 10 km). Therefore, it is possible to enjoy its view in an atmosphere of great tranquility. It is not the highest (only, 15 meters), but the panoramic view that can be seen from the top is majestic, especially if you wait at sunset to contemplate it.

Little Rock

As you can deduce from its name, it is one of the smallest rock bridges in Wadi Rum. However, it is one of the most visited given its proximity to the camp, so few excursions forget it, especially the short ones. It is also one of the bridges most visited by families, because reaching it is neither complicated nor demanding.


It is one of the most photogenic bridges in the entire reserve (in fact, it is the bridge in the photograph chosen for this article), due to the great width of its arch (more than 100 meters) and the perfection of it, with a curvature of the most homogeneous. And precisely for this reason it was one of the locations chosen to set the ninth part of the Star Wars saga. It is located in the northern area of Wadi Rum, which is not exactly one of the most visited in this desert, so it can also be enjoyed with tranquility.

Precautions on the rock bridges of Wadi Rum

One of the most popular aspects of the rock bridges of Wadi Rum is that not only can they be seen from below, but it is also possible to climb to the top of them. In any case, you must be very careful for this, not only during the moment you are on top (there are no guardrails, of course), but also during the ascent. Some climbs are really steep, and this is done without climbing material. In other cases, to climb to the top, it is necessary to take a great detour along a specific path, whose duration can exceed 30 minutes.

Therefore, to reach and climb all these rock bridges of Wadi Rum, it is essential to have the presence of a knowledgeable guide of the reserve, not only not to get lost but also to avoid incidents.

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